The Power of Visuals

 Our brains process visual information thousands of times faster than text. Not only that, we are much more likely to remember it once we do see it. This is the driving force of our approach to facility management, campus and building security. Besides being easier and more cost-effective than traditional methods of measurement and facility mapping, the Visual Plan 360° capture software enables virtual collaboration, design, review, inspections and assessments. It also allows various stakeholders to share, annotate and mark-up critical building information safely and remotely. In case of an emergency, you to collaborate in real-time with First Responders to locate critical information at the swipe of your fingertips


Virtual security planning ensures painless facility meetings, clear communication, visual training and productive table top sessions.


All stakeholders have detailed visual,  secure access to plans, images, and notes with 360° situational awareness and orientation.



Visual Plans are key to public safety pre-incident planning, rapid response, effective building security plans and maintenance.

During COVID-19, a change to workplace configuration and structure is likely required
to build confidence and trust between business owners, employees, and customers as we plan the return to work. By leveraging Visualization of facilities, teams can remotely consult,
collaborate, design, and execute on effective physical changes required to drive safe policy initiatives such as the STEPS Process, without
ever entering the facility.


Emergency Management

Utilities, Oil & Gas

Higher Education & K-12

Health Care


System Integrators

US Federal Government

Hospitality & Events

Stadium Security


Real-Time Mobile Access

Dealing successfully with an emergency situation requires you to remain calm and focused, as it may require you to make a critical decision. When lives are on the line, an inaccurate floor plan, outdated information, or an inability to access information can mean the difference between life and death. By providing you with real-time mobile access, Visual Plan removes these obstacles – ensuring that you react quickly and are able to make an informed decision.

Cut Your Security Budget Without Cutting Corners

Drawing on decades of expertise, our security experts perform cost-effective annual security assessments, ensuring that your budget never gets in the way of your safety. 

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