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The Goal “360 Situational Awareness” – providing value through thoughtful planning

Our students, faculty, patients and front line workers are the highest value assets we seek to protect at our schools and health care facilities. Security and Facility managers are also responsible for protecting and maintaining property, reputation, reducing risk and limiting liability. But where to start?

Invest in Digital Twins and Proper Planning 

 When it comes to building security, you Need a Visual Plan!

How can first responders gain an intimate knowledge of the facilities they protect without ever having step through the door until an incident happens?

This is where Digital Twins can play an incredible role.

 By investing in full 360° reality capture, each stakeholder in school security can virtually visit, collaborate, conduct web meetings and revisit the building space at any time. Measurements are available at a click, annotations can be made while video instructions and other documents can be linked to the exact location in the 360° space. Real-time updates ensure the most current information is in everyone’s fingertips.  And once the investment is made, the 360° model and updated diagrams can be used virtually for many applications.

Visual Plan Benefits to Campus Security

 Affordability: Most security and facility managers have limited budgets and can’t afford to make mistakes. Digital Twins save managers by reducing site visits, virtual project tracking, virtual inspections, assessments and reduced rework.

Quality Preparation: Visual Plan will enable your campus to better prepare for unforeseen incidents through enhanced communications , pre-planning and deeper engagement with key stakeholders including first responders.

Instant Access: Most importantly, everyone who needs the digital twin will have instant virtual access to current and accurate information. 

Emergency Planning

School Resource Officer
s (SRO’s) and Security Teams can run virtual scenarios and discuss risks during Table Top Meetings.

Security Assessments

Allow Campus Emergency Management to collaborate with remote security experts through the digital twin for immediate feedback and assessments.

Pre-Incident Planning

 First Responders become intimately familiar with campus facilities through pre-incident planning with digital twins. Emergency plans are practiced in the carbon copy setting to narrow future response and reaction times.

 Pressure on Administrators

Administrators are feeling significant pressure today to address vulnerabilities and make technical decisions on what hardware, software, policies, procedures and required training to implement, putting them in positions outside of their expertise. As a result, it is critical to rely on local law enforcement, fire, ems, integrators, security personals and subject matter experts to ensure investments are made wisely.

This is where the breakdown typically happens as most administrators start with what they “feel is most important” without a thoughtful risk assessment and master security plan completed where investments match high risk priorities. This breakdown often results in overspending in areas which may not address your risk most effectively, or where policies and procedures are not thought out first. More troubling is when investments are made without foresight for ongoing costs, interoperability, training or resources to manage them. These situations can result in budgets spent and security risks not being addressed at all.

Before you invest in your security countermeasures, make the investment in proper planning and a digital twin.

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