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What is Visual Plan and How will it Help?

Visual Plan is a company offering large facilities – including K-12, Charter Schools and Universities –  an effective visual way to maintain accurate and current documentation of their buildings. The software uploads photos from a standard 360 camera, but the magic is the ability to extract accurate measurements and create updated floor plans from these images on an ongoing basis. You can add symbols, link videos, arrows and text in a 3D environment, transforming a virtual tour into a visual security plan. You can effectively plan, train, drill and collaborate with first responders to ensure preparedness and readiness.

 The secure web based software can be accessed from almost any mobile device and can be used during an incident. See our video explainer below for more information.

 Critical Incidents involving US Schools

 In the last 5 years, there have been more than 300 school shootings in America. That’s 1 every week. Since the time of the Columbine massacre in 1999, over 187,000 students at 193 schools have experienced a school shooting – enough to have serious and long lasting effects on students and communities across the US.

People shot in schools since 2012

Over 300 school shootings since 2013

Number of School Fires per year

Schools effected by Natural Disasters in 2017

US School Shootings in 2017

Major Incidents at Schools are a Reality

In recent years, schools and other high-traffic public spaces and buildings have increasingly become targets of terrorism and violent attacks.. Add to this the risk from severe weather such as floods, gas leaks and/or explosions, fires, earthquakes, and hazardous materials. Schools today have many risks to such threats, and if left vunerable, can be left open to disaster. Being prepared is the best step to empowering yourself and those you work with and around in case of an emergency.

Visual Plan Benefits to Campus Security

Affordability: Most schools have limited budgets and can’t afford to have professional security assessments performed. Visual former US Secret Service Agents can virtually assess vulnerabilities to help mitigate risks and produce an action plan at a fraction of flying out for an on-site assessment.

Quality Preparation: Visual Plan will enable your school to better prepare for unforeseen incidents through improved communication, pre-planning, and virtual security assessments. You will ensure the highest level of security planning available.

Instant Access: Most importantly, everyone who needs the plan will have instant access to the most current information. Visual Plan is the only turn-key solution provider for your security planning and hard assessment needs.

Emergency Planning

School Resource Officer
s (SRO) can create a virtual walk-through for key stakeholders. SRO’s can run virtual scenarios and discuss risks before and after large drills to be most impactful during Table Top Meetings.

Virtual Security Assessments

Allow School Emergency Management to collaborate with our security experts through virtual security assessments. Reduce travel costs, get immediate feedback and schedule annual assessments.

Pre-Incident Planning

First Responders gain access to virtual walk-throughs of school properties, allowing accurate pre-planning exercises. Stakeholders become intimately familiar with the school campus and emergency plan, updates and changes through the live mobile app.

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