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Pre-planning Saves Lives

Fire departments face ongoing challenges with outdated 2D Plans for buildings. Every time a building is changed, there is a risk to fire personal with wrong information.  

Visual Plan offers a rapid, cost effective method for creating accurate 2D/3D visual floor plans and much more. The software allows users to accurately measure, mark industry symbols, make notes, attach photos, and add training videos on a 360°  virtual walk-through. Incident Commanders will have all details when it matters, and pre-planning becomes far more effective using visual environments.

Be prepared, trained and ready for critical incidents by using Visual Plan. 

“Visual Plan is an invaluable tool for fire professionals!”

– Randy Watson, S-E-A, Ltd.

“Pre-Incident Planning is fire rescue intelligence for aggressive strategies-offensive or defensive. Pre-Incident Planning combined with experience, the Incident Commander becomes a risk evaluator. Without a plan the Incident Commander is a risk taker.”

– David Loh, Broward County Fire Department

Incident Response

Visual Plan offers a detailed and visual account of facilities. Dispatchers can provide specifics to first responders during critical incidents. Examples include locations and distances of Y for booting systems, the height to a specific window to confirm latter length or if a hose is long enough to reach certain hydrants. More than a simple 2D Plan, Visual Plan captures it all. Furniture and features can also become critical during response to an incident.

Virtual Training

Fire personnel can have their team virtually visit multiple buildings in a single afternoon without ever leaving their department. Massive facilities can be covered in minutes and multiple scenarios can be practiced more effectively than ever before.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts using Visual Plan can virtually inspect provide detailed feedback without travel. The software measurement tools enable experts to explore distances between alarms, sprinkler systems, exit points or key areas providing quick facts to help determine origin and cause or help establish fault.

Health Safety

EHS: environment, health and safety standards are a big challenge for fire professionals at risk to dangerous environments. With Visual Plan, there is reduced need to revisit the incident scene after its been captured, so Investigators can effectively work the case in a safe environment.


Visual Plan insurance documentation pre and post incident can dramatically decrease claim times and cost to travel and asses claims. The pre-incident documentation is a fantastic way to validate damage and help with investigations cause and point of origin.

Safe Investigations

 Visual Plan  removes the investigator from the dangerous incident scene. Once a scene is captured it can be revised virtually any time in the future. During fire investigations this is especially important as most buildings are destroyed and the scene can not be revised.

Real Time Web Access

Visual Pan is a secure web application which works on most mobile devices. Access to critical information when en-route to an emergency can provide invaluable details to help save lives.

Visual Court Rooms

 In court, walk the jury through a scene without having to physically be there. Offer trial support and reduce costs while presenting convincing demonstrative exhibits.

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