System Integrators

Protecting Assets in Large Spaces

Soft targets in large venues can be difficult to keep safe. But where should you start? 

Having a digital twin of your facility is an excellent reference and collaboration tool for effective security plan, managing and maintaining assets and working with contractors, security integrators and vendors  through the assessment, design and project management phases of a security design project. 

Security Integrations

Security Integrators can use Visual Plan software to cost projects without site visits, reducing time, costs, suppliers and errors and rework. The software is an excellent tool for presenting designs and ideals to clients for approval, or for service and maintenance contracts. Correct measurements allow efficient installs as installers can bring the exact amount of cabling and supplies. Project management is also a breeze with visual communication tools like Visual Plan.


Transport Hubs



Visual Plan 360° Capture software can help  your prepare, collaborate and share critical information to reduce risk. The software can provide interactive training scenarios and VR environments to ensure you are mission ready for critical incidents. Your team will have instant access to critical information about your facility when it matters. Preparation, training and communication are key aspects to saving lives and creating safe work environments.

Virtual Training

Visual Plan offers security professionals and facility managers a way to virtually visit multiple buildings with their security team through a web conference or presentation. Walk miles in minutes during training sessions explaining protocols or stepping through detailed scenarios. Conduct security audits or assessments, review lock-down or evacuation plans more accurately and effectively than ever before. 

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