CAD Diagrams

Detailed To-Scale Plans

Having detailed, to-scale plans of your faciility can be valuable in measuring distance as well as elevation. Being able to locate specific features such as the precise elevation of a window can provide First Responders with crucial information during an emergency. Knowing the height of a window in case of a fire, or where to find the nearest escape route or safe shelter in an active shooter case can save time and lives. Visual Plan puts this at your fingertips at all times.

3D Modeled and Profile

In case of construction, security by design building maintenance, or facility management, Visual Plan can build full 3-D CAD models to-scale; allowing you to make fast and efficient updates any time using these digital files. This allows building managers to trouble shoot issues, consult subject manager experts, communicate with contractors or design teams without time consuming site visits.  


Detailed Escape Routes

Via a mobile device or tablet, Visual Plan provides clearly mapped out escape routes to campus staff, facility managers and First Responders. Along with drills and pre-planning exercises, this information can save crucial moments during a critical incident, and helps to ensure everyone is on the same page at all times.  

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