Frequently Asked Questions

Which 360° camera work with Visual Plan?

You will find many different low cost 360° cameras in the consumer market today the can all work with Visual Plan software, but we recommend a few that perform much better in our testing. We would recommend the GoPro Fusion, Mi Sphere 360, Insta360, Yi 360 and MADv 360 cameras (not in preference order).

A panoramic mount DSLR camera can also be used for a higher resolution result but be sure to use a 2:1 ratio when creating panoramic photos.

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To create high quality 3D Visual Plans, how many photos need to be taken?

The easiest way to decide how many photos to take is divide the space by 25 (if using ft²) or by 3 (if using meter²). This is online a guideline however as the building space will vary based on the structure. Large open spaces will require fewer photos than many small rooms for example.


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Do I upload the raw, fisheye or unstitched photos?

No. Visual Plan will import equirectangular 360° photos only; using a 2:1 width:height ratio

After capture, how much time does it take to process a 3D Visual Plan?

The time it takes to process a 3D Visual Plan depends on the number of photos taken, and if you are requiring a mesh model from the imagery or manually placement. This can be as fast as 15min to many hours on very large projects. Keep in mind there is no manual effort in import to process step.

Can I add or replace images after creating 3d Visual Plans?
Of Course! Replace photos before or after you have created a Visual Plan.
Of Course! Replace photos before or after you have created a Visual Plan.
We support the WebGL Standard which requires internet connection and web browser. Test the page at for compatibility. Most common browsers and mobile are supported (IE 11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), but both Chrome and Firefox are preferable.

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How to fix a slow loading Visual Plan Web Player?
The first time you load your 3D Visaul Plan, will be the slowest. After this, our high-performance CDN (Content Delivery Network) will increase the speed significantly for you and others in your region.
Will custom 3d objects, that are not currently in Visual Plan, be uploaded?
Not today.
Is it possible to add training or instructional videos to a 3d Visual Plan?
Of Course! Use the pushpin to add or embed Wistia, Vimeo or YouTube videos in a snap. This is perfect for training, orientation, safety and other many other purposes.

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How easy can I create 2D or 3D floor plans from the imagery in the 3d Visual Plan Software?
Yes. There are specific tools in Visual Plan to help you build 2D and 3D layout diagrams for buildings by using the 360-imagery collected. After creating the roughed-out space, the file can be exported directly to AutoCAD or a similar CAD drawing program. No need for a 3D scanner or Lidar unless you require higher accuracy. We do have ways to leverage the accuracy of a 3d scanner to increase your accuracy if needed however. Ask us how..
Is it possible to upload by Visual Plan to Google Maps?
Yes. Although we would never advise uploading sensitive building information to Google Maps, there may be a need for assist with wayfinding in Malls or other public buildings. We advise you to speak with one of our security experts before doing this, but we do offer the functionality as required through connections with Google.
Can the Visual Plan Software measure dimensions?
Yes. Calibrate your Visual Plan after its created to take measurements using 3 methods: 2d point to point; photogrammetrically using 2 photographs to align using point feature match; or use the mesh processed with Visual Plan to select points to measure from.
Am I able to embed a 3D Digital Twin to our secured Intranet webpage, or public space?

Yes in Version 1.0 but no in Version 2.0. The Visual Plan software allows you to create an embed code to place on webpages or other spaces. However, we highly recommend that you consult with one of our security experts before placing sensitive building information in online spaces.

Does the SiteView software produce a point cloud or downloadable model?

No. SiteView is a photogrammetry solution and does not collect lidar data. We can however product 2D diagrams and 3D Models from our sketch feature in the software, exporting image/PDF/.DWG/.IFC file types to common CAD programs for more advanced diagraming or modelling. 

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