Introducing Site Insights, for Cutting-Edge Progress Tracking

Increase your project visibility with automated progress tracking with the new Site Insights feature from Visual Plan.

The cutting-edge progress tracking lets you quantify installation progress and automate object identification.

  • Measure the difference between BIM models and point cloud data or as-built progress
  • Eliminate errors and rework by monitoring updated job-site captures
  • Track the installation of any objects such as walls, ceilings or pipes
  • Specify and confirm the execution of any trade to ensure alignment with design intent
  • Track all activities at your fingertips

Our cloud-based, smart progress tracking lets you handle projects by automatically quantifying areas and objects in your jobsite.

Improve data accuracy

Eliminate errors with automated BIM to point cloud deviation analysis. Your entire team can identify exact measurements of building elements and can pass on jobsite data to owners with confidence.

Transform data into insights

Know what’s done and what’s missing by comparing BIM models to as-built progress. Quantify building objects and track progress to make sure your project is on schedule and on budget.

Approve and accelerate payment

Provide your partner with detailed information on the most recent work progress. With an automatic percentage completion record, Site Insights prevents decision-makers from making incorrect and delayed payment.

Make every capture cost-effective

Save travel time for decision-makers using quick capture uploads and easy 3D digital twin navigation. Regularly manage multiple locations from a single monitor even without a blueprint in hand.