Getting Started

From purchase to field capture as soon as your 360° Camera is in hand, or service provider on-site. Have your Digital Twin created as early as same day or next day!

Getting Started Steps

Purchase a software package. Cameras can be purchased online or at a local electronics store – OR – an authorized service provider can be contacted to bring a 360° camera to your site to capture for you. 

Software capture app downloads to Apple device for facility capture at walking speed. Imagery is uploaded to our cloud processing software to produce the Digital Twin. 

The video image data and imported CAD files are prepared and shared with approved stakeholders as per project specifications.

Stakeholders can then review, inspect and provide feedback directly referencing the Digital Twin. Provide remote digital feedback to building managers, contractors and other stakeholders for clear, concise collaboration before, during and after a project is completed.

Re-capture through the design and implementation process for remote oversight, compare to existing captures or to CAD and BIM model.

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