Easy, Effective, Scalable and Hardware Agnostic

Platform & Hardware Integrations

These tools and integrations work seamlessly out of the box – so BYOC (Bring Your Own Camera) and build Digital Twins of your operation in no time.

360 photo and annotation documentation of university hockey stadium

Hardware Agnostic Capture With Simple, Secure Integrations.​

Our capture platform provides an EASI method using any 360 capable camera and a smart device to produce your digital twins. You can use your own devices, so there are no major hardware expenses involved, and SiteView seamlessly integrates with your existing design and asset management platforms. It doesn’t get any easier than that. 

Not seeing your preferred software or hardware? Contact our expert team today and we’ll work with you on the solution!

Integrate All of Your Data Sources

Leverage visual assets and documentation from across your data sources for fast and easy comparison in the Visual Plan data hub.


3D Mesh Model

GIS/Drone Imagery


360 Photos/Video

Hardware Delivery Mechanisms

MadV360 camera mounted on tripod for capturing 360 photos and video


360 Camera Hardhat Mount for 360 Photos


Visual Plan drone capture method for 360 photogrammetry


Boston Dynamics Spot as 360 Camera Mount

Boston Dynamics Spot®

Visual Plan 360 Rover remotely piloted capture method

360 Rover

Out-of-The-Box Integrations

Bi-directional syncing with your critical construction, engineering and project management platforms.

Plus bolt-on connectivity to your favorite enterprise CAFM, CMMS, IWMS and EAM platforms.

We'll Show You How easy 360 capture is just the beginning.

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