Matt Hewko

Technical Director, Software Trainer, Drone Pilot

Matt is the lead 360 Reality Capture and software instructor for Visual Plan. He has extensive experience in survey using various methods including drones, total station, GPS, 3D laser scanners and 360 imaging technologies.

Matt retired with 15 years of police experience from a major Police Service in Ontario, Canada. He has dedicated ten years to traffic safety with the last seven as the team leader in the Collision Reconstruction Unit.

Matt’s role as a Detective Constable within his office was to ensure all members had the proper training, equipment and other resources to investigate motor vehicle collisions that involve life threatening and fatal injuries. He has attended various other crime scenes that included homicides, shootings, railway and industrial incidents. Matt has become an expert within the Federal and Provincial courts with respect to reconstruction and the involved investigations.

After leaving policing Matt became a software trainer for IMS Map 360, Pix4D, and LTI’s TruPoint and TruPulse systems.

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