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Visual Plan is a team of security and 3D professionals dedicated to helping public safety agencies, campus security, facility managers, fire protection agencies and security professionals rapidly document their facilities to create accurate models with Reality Capture using an innovative software solution called Visual Plan. We also provide professional CAD diagramming services, risk and security assessment workshops and consulting. We tailor our services to our customer needs.

How we do it

At Visual Plan, we take a re-refreshing, direct and honest approach to our services and consulting, always working to find the right solution, even if we need to refer you elsewhere. We are a people first, no pressure, experience driven group of professionals striving to make a difference in our customers life with a focus on security, efficiency, expertise and innovation. 

Our Software and Training

Our software is user friendly but powerful, leveraging various 360° camera hardware, drone topography and CAD drawing features in our Sketch tool. The software is AWS Secure and offers an incredible way to rapidly document and safety share critical information about buildings to various stakeholders through a web software application. The Visual Plan Software helps to reduce cost of site visits, share critical facility data securely and rapidly document large buildings to create accurate 2D/3D Diagrams and Models for security, fire-protection and facility management. View demo projects here, or call us  to learn more. Schedule a web demo and we will step you through the software 1:1 to see if the software is a fit for your situation. 

For training, we take a hands of approach typically doing a field project with you before a 2-day software training program. Between our trainers and support team, you can rest assure that you will get the most out of your software investment to leverage Visual Plan to its capacity. 

Field Documentation – 360° Imagery & Drones

The Documentation Process

By utilizing  360 video, photography and a drone survey (permit permitted), the data is  uploaded to the Software where images are accurately leveled, stitched, meshed and arranged to complete a full and accurate model. From the model measurements can be taken and a layout plan can be created. The layout plans and drone images can then be placed under the 3D model and aligned. You can then add symbols, images, training videos, links or notes to visualize your security plans.

Once you have this model, you can develop scenarios, conduct inspections, review lock-down or evacuation plans, more accurately, rapidly and effectively than ever before.


Visual Plan has packages for large and small districts or individual schools. If you already have an accurate 2D floor-plan, no-problem, we can work with your existing plans and complete the project.

Virtual security assessments are also optional. If you have an expert you work with already, they will love the ability to work with the Visual Plan  to do the job easier, faster, and without a school walk-through or travel costs.

Risk and Security Assessment Workshops

At Visual Plan, we have secured top talent from former US Secret Service and British Intelligence Officers and Fire Protection Experts to ensure our customers apply our software and services to the largest potential, while offering professional services to ensure a focus on security, efficiency, expertise and innovation. 

The 1-day workshop we are currently offering is an information packed session intended to bring new and experienced security and facility managers up to speed with valuable processes, approaches and tools to Protect Assets, Identify Threats, Address Vulnerabilities and Reduce Risk. 

This class will be taught by a former US Secret Service Agent with tremendous real-world experience in security assessment, risk mitigation, planning, design, policies, implementation and review. The methodology and process used in the class have been adopted by the America National Standard Institute; including Standard 780. We will discuss risk assessment theory, processes, practical applications, new technology and tools while relating to real world experience. Some of the learning objectives are listed below:

  • Create added value for your department and organization by learning the effectiveness of a proper risk, threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Start with solid definitions and differentiators between risk, threat, and vulnerability and then see how assessments are essential for organizational resilience
  • Learn about acceptable business risk thresholds and the metrics you can use to describe them.
  • An explanation of the importance of risk assessments and the consequences if they are not implemented
  • Be rained by seasoned Subject Matter Experts formerly with United States Secret Service who will bring a unique view and instruction on how to conduct proper security risk assessments
  • This engaging and interactive instruction will focus on ta conceptual and procedural framework that applies the big picture and lets attendees employ techniques to solve a problem while also focusing on the specific actions required to present solutions

Workshop Take Away’s

Upon completion of this workshop, students can expect to learn a broader holistic approach to security assessments, beyond physical security considerations, access control and installing surveillance equipment. The planning, processes and approaches direct students on how thoughtfully approach security standards and develop an overall plan. By following these methods, facility managers, first responders and security professionals can expect to lower project management and capital costs while approaching security comprehensively. Students may immediately identify flaws with their current security planning and installations. Students may also seek advanced training certification through ASIS, or request help from our instructors for more comprehensive security needs. Check our workshop schedule for a location near you.

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