We believe strongly in protecting and supporting our community. This is why Visual Plan is sponsoring a scholarship twice annually to support student’s ongoing education in the amount of $1000 USD.

Please submit a 3000 word essay on one of the 3 topics listed below. You are encouraged to do some research; interview your school resource officer and security team; do some online and site your findings. Bring some creativity to your work and let us know what you have learned through your research. Articles will be assessed on:

1) proper grammar and writing skills

2) level of research and suggestions made in the article 

3) creativity, findings/knowledge of the subject matter

 Choose 1 of these 3 subjects to write on:

 1) The importance and impact of sharing and accessing accurate data; building plans, photos and security plans before, during and after a school incident and during school drills. 


2) How would First Responders (Police/Fire/EMS) benefits from virtual tactical training? How often do each visit your school today? How would having a virtual plan help schools to be safer?


3) Research and outline the main challenges your school, or district faces with securing schools from critical incidents like active shooter, natural disasters, fires or other threats. What steps have been taken to ensure the safety of the students and what are the gaps today?

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