Visual Plan Launch Security Planning Software for Schools: NASRO, Reno NV

Visual Plan Official Launch at NASRO in Reno!

As President of Visual Plan, I am proud to be launching our new software platform at NASRO in Reno NV June 24-26. The team will be at Booth #7 showing off the Visual Plan 360 School Security Planning Software. We will bring our 3D hardware with us to help explain the technology. Learn how Visual Plan can completely document your entire school property with high resolution cameras, drones and lidar, extracting accurate 3d measurements to create detailed diagrams and 3D building models.

This type of professional security documentation and planning has never been so affordable!

Visual Plan software is an invaluable tool to assist in creating comprehensive security plans. School Resource Officers and School Security teams will reduce time school walk-throughs while increasing interaction and collaboration at Table Top Meetings. Visual Plan brings the Security Team and First Responders to the exact points of risk concern through visual references and detailed documentation.

School Resource Officers can also leverage the Visual Plan software as a training tool. Pre-Incident planning drills with First Responders (Police/Fire/EMS) can be completed without ever entering the school property. As a result, every single First Responder has a chance to “virtually enter” every school in their district prior to any emergency incident. A fire or police department could virtually visit 10 different schools in 1 afternoon and have immediate access to the Visual Plan App by a swipe of a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Capture and Build: Depending on your needs, the Visual Plan team can conduct a site survey, bringing 3d documentation technology to capture your entire school property in 2D and 3D. The data is collected then brought back to our studio where architectural drawings and data import to Visual Plan begins. We have custom packages for schools who already have architectural drawings, and for those who rather work with their own security assessment professionals.

A Peek Under the Hood!!

Import Site Survey 360 videos, 360 images, 2D diagrams and profiles, 3D models, images, supplementary imagery/video and other digital assets into the Visual Plan library. Section large buildings into smaller groups, or separate multi-floor buildings into clean sections you can navigate with a simple dropdown and click.

Take detailed notes and time stamp images. Building diagrams can lay flat under the 360 photos/videos collected. View the 2D plans side-by-side the 360 image walk-throughs.  Now that assets are imported, Visual Plan software can calibrate the model to-scale, auto-level and adjust the images to create an accurate model. Full control over image color is available, in addition to redaction blur to remove any human faces to keep with privacy rules.  Measure accurately anywhere at anytime!

Overlay text on the 360 images, pull accurate measurements, insert comments, images/video, arrows or other symbols directly inside the Visual Plan.

After your Visual Plan is ready to share, create customized walk-through tours then publish to send the URL through a secure login.

When reviewing the Visual Plan, place comments in the chat window for other stake-holders to see. Make live changes to the plan directly and set user permissions for collaborators and view only access.

Assessments – At this point, School Resource Officers, or Security Experts, can complete virtual security assessments from the 2D diagrams and 3D image models and virtual walk-throughs. Mark critical features, make notes, add still images and/or video segments, write text on walls, draw arrows, show escape routes, point out issue areas or draw attention to items that need to be addressed.

Measure with confidence directly on the 3D images through our photogrammetric process. Take dimensions, mark “Highlights” or place Pin Drops on the Visual Plan with notes or instructions. Point to CCTV/Radio Systems/Safe Shelters or insert hyperlinks. Other collaborators can login and review, comment and add feedback live.

More than a 2D plan, Visual Plan allows security teams to virtually walk through school property at any time, identifying risks, re-assessing needs, providing visual feedback pre-and-post drills while marking key assets/locations and emergency supplies.

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