Reduce site visits, track progress, and
enhance stakeholder communication with
3D Digital Twins


A machine-vision powered software platform designed exclusively for the Security and Facility Management industry that produces spatially accurate 3D Digital Twins with only 360° photos & videos.


Introducing SiteView

The future of immersive 360° situational awareness for the security and facility industry is here! SiteView starts where Google Street View ends – optimizing work throughout the planning, design, project management and maintenance stages of building management.


Reduce Site Visits

Keep your project team productive. The 3D Digital Twin enables you to conduct virtual assessments, inspect project at various stages, annotate, fill digital forms, and even take measurements from the safety of your home or office.


Track Progress

Know when changes are made and how they affect business continuity. Remotely monitor conditions at your facilities by comparing 3D Digital Twins across multiple dates.


Reduce Rework​

Catch and resolve costly mistakes before they happen. The spatial intelligence enables advanced BIM model comparisons between as-designed & as-built.


Prevent Disputes​

Avoid pointing the finger when problems arise. The 3D Digital Twin provides a historical time stamped as-builtcoupled with intuitively organized annotation by location.


Flexibility in Capture​​

Let your workflow dictate how to capture your jobsite. Use Single-Shot or Video for quick & easy captures and Multi-Shot for measurements and tightly integrated BIM models.

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