We're more than just a
software company.

Not only are we experts in implementing 3D technologies, we have deep knowledge in facility operations and security to help implement meaningful change.

Creating safer and more efficient workplaces through Visualization.

We help facility managers and security professionals efficiently manage their buildings with our 360° capture software platform. The goal is to reduce site visits, track progress, reduce rework, enhance collaboration and planning. And the over arching goal is to provide first responders access to critical building information. We make the process fast, accurate, easy, virtual, mobile and affordable.

360 photo and annotation documentation for refinery

We Offer A Visual Skeleton Key To Your Facilities
“Put Your Facility In Your Pocket”

Lead by our CEO Kelly Watt, our entire team including software developers are experts in the 3D Technologies we work with.
We are dedicated to make the workplace, projects and processes more efficient, safer and collaborative through the effective implementation of Digital Twins."
Kelly Watt
CEO and Founder

The Visual Plan Team

Kelly Watt

Kelly Watt CEO and Founder

Jacob Atkins VP Oil/Gas/Chemical

Brett Justice

Brett Justice VP Energy & Utilities


Alfredo Perez VP Transportation / Security


Paul Moubarak VP Sales - LATAM

Kelly Stewart

J. Kelly Stewart Security Expert & Board Advisor

Simon Bae

Simon Bae Board Member and Investor

Frank Tait

Frank Tait Strategic Advisor and Board Director

Mark Eklund

Mark Eklund Board Advisor

We'll show you how to cut Site Visits 80-90%.

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