Our Vision

Safer Spaces Save Lives!

To ensure every building and facility we work with has a visual emergency response plan for collaborative planning, cost efficient virtual security assessments and public safety access for pre-incident planning. We seek to democratize high level security planning solutions for all facilities by making the process fast, accurate, easy, virtual, mobile and affordable. We also seek to make life easier for facility managers with our solution.

From our CEO


The safety of our family friends and children is the highest concern to men and women who work for Visual Plan.

We are 100% focused on creating better ways to improve and prepare for critical incidents and natural disasters, while driving costs down to an affordable level for all facilities in the public and government sectors. 

Through advancements in technology and our innovative software App, we believe we can truly make a difference.

Our business is founded on the goal to make a positive change, reduce risk and make our world a safer place.


Kelly Watt

Kelly Watt

CEO & Founder

About the Team


Lead by our President Kelly Watt, our entire team including software developers are experts in the 3D Technologies we work with. Our Founding Partners have a strong background in security, law enforcement and threat assessments. 

Security Assessments are conducted by former Agents of the US Secret Service and Diplomatic Security Service who have partnered with Visual Plan. They offer security expertise without ever having to visit your school through the Visual Plan App.


Pete Verrecchia

Pete Verrecchia

Business Development Director Facility Management & Security


Pete has an extensive background in consulting with facilities management professionals. 

Pete’s ability to assess complex situations and identify appropriate solutions underscores his ability to gain meaningful insight and follow up with thorough analysis. Pete has managed a broad array of projects in industries ranging from financial services and technology, to education and public sector.

Project management office design and implementation for large, cross-functional projects. Consulting with trades, designers, architects and external vendors to help deliver projects on time and on budget.

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