3D Reality Capture Services

Put our international network of expert data capture technicians to work for you. Our reality capture services understand your visualization needs, determine the right technology to use, and scan your facility deliverables to solve your business problems / meet your organization needs / goals / etc

Industry-Leading Reality Capture Technology & Expertise

Visual Plan reality capture services make it easy for organizations to implement 3D visualization strategies and Digital Twins integrations. We bring the technical expertise, technology, tools, industry knowledge, and application experience needed to make every project a success.

Our Data Capture Services include:

accurate, QUALITY, Fast, Complete Facility Management.

Accessing 3D Visualization has Never Been Easier.

Visual Plan captures and compiles reality capture, aligning 2D and 3D data at any scale, seamlessly delivering 3d visualization quickly and accurately, on time and on budget. Our boots on the ground and partner network allow us to execute on national projects across the USA, Canada and Mexico with local 3d technicians in every major city.

Visual Plan 3D is Built For Big.

Visual Plan creates your visualization Hub for compiling and sharing 3D and 360 reality capture data in large complex environments.

Easily manage and share complex data.

We organize, manage and compare 3D Lidar, SLAM, BIM, 2D CAD seamlessly and offer project management integration with BIM360, ProCore and PlanGrid. Leverage an existing body of visual data or capture new 360° photos - we can handle it all.

We Collaborate and Report Better.

Tag assets, sync with project management, export detailed reports and data to Facility Management or Asset Management systems

We'll Show You How Data capture is just the beginning.

Schedule a 30 minute demo today and see how the Visual Plan 3D visualization and Digital Twins services drive value through every department in an organization through quick access to key information, remote work and collaboration.