Visual Plan

 Visual Plan is a 3D software and visualization services company with distribution and service partner network across the US/CAN and Latin America. We train, sell and support our software applications and offer field capture, CAD/BIM and consulting services. Our solution leverages off the shelf 360° camera hardware with a near zero capX model and easy to use, do it yourself software to rapidly capture 360° video and images to process measurable as-built models called “digital twins”. 

Primary User Cases


Emergency Management

Utilities, Oil & Gas

Higher Education & K-12

Health Care


System Integrators

US Federal Government

Hospitality & Events

Stadium Security


Seeing is Believing!

Stop speculating about building information and start validating. By investing in a Digital Twin you will have instant web access to your building information from anywhere. Share and collaborate with teams, or share securely with outside service providers, safety professionals and first responders. 


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