Digital Twins Services

Our digital twins services include determining your visualization needs, consulting on the appropriate technologies, and building and managing your Digital Twins to streamline your operation.

Digital Twins made easy: Visual Plan helps you choose the right technology, the first time.

We make implementing Digital Twins easy: you tell us your needs, and we help select the right technologies to meet your goals. Visual Plan’s 3D visualization experts consult, architect, and train on all industry-leading Digital Twin and collaboration software platforms. We’ll help you compile all things 2D and 3D to manage Digital Twin comparisons and facilitate digital transformations for your operation.

  • Let us help you select the most effective data capture method and deliverable based on your unique use case, budget, and schedule.
  • Fully managed solutions on leading 3D or 360 visualization platforms.
  • Connecting you to preferred operational tools and data threads.

Managed Digital Twin Solutions for Ongoing Success

We take a solution management approach to enhance our customers’ operations through visualization and Digital Twins: our expert technicians can capture, process, align and update data for you on an ongoing basis. Let us manage the process of maintaining and optimizing the integrity of your visualization solution, so you can streamline your decision-making and realize operational efficiency.

360 photo and annotation documentation of university hockey stadium

Enterprise Platform Selection

As Digital Twins experts, our top priority is to help you source the right software necessary to meet your 3D visualization and digital twins needs. We can help you source and purchase the best Digital Twins software to visualize your operation, as well as populate it with our reality capture services.

Our preferred capture platforms provide comprehensive options for using various 360 capable cameras, 3d Lidar, SLAM and drone lidar to produce your digital twins. Seamlessly integrates with your existing design and asset management platforms. 

Not seeing your preferred software or hardware? Contact our expert team today and we’ll work with you on the solution!

We've invested in industry-leading 360° cameras, laser scanners and other specialty hardware so you don't have to.

Richo Z1 360 Camera for 360 Photos and Video

We'll help you setup Critical Integrations

Visual Plan Digital Twins solutions include out-of-the-box bi-directional syncing between your Digital Twin and your critical construction, engineering, and project management platforms.

Plus additional custom integrations and connectivity to your favorite enterprise CAFM, CMMS, IWMS and EAM platforms.

Need something else? Talk to us.

Why Digital Twins: 360-Degree Access, 365 Days of the Year.

Visual Plan helps you see your facility or job site from every angle with reality capture services and Digital Twins solutions. 

360 Photo Viewer of Manufacturing Facility on Tablet

Create a virtual 360° walkthrough of your facility and compile every view of your physical space into a singular composite. Build highly accurate and measurable 3D visuals of your space with LiDAR and SLAM scanning. We’ve got you covered, no matter your needs. 

Effectively And Easily Scalable

Visual Plan’s managed solutions approach enables effective and efficient Digital Twin production-we can scan and process one site, or many, to create the most effective visual record of your environment.


Visual Plan can deliver your project using a variety of hardware, 360, SLAM, 3D Lidar, and drones, and build your digital twin in the software platform that best suits your needs.

Integrate All Visual File Types

Compile all 2D, 3D, and LiDAR data, importing existing and new data into your digital twin platform of choice.

We'll Show You How easy 360 capture is just the beginning.

Schedule a 30 minute consultation today and see how the Visual Plan 3D visualization and Digital Twins services drive value through every department in an organization through quick access to key information, remote work and collaboration.