All of your visual data. One hub.

Spatially accurate 3D Digital Twins using 2D, 3D, BIM, 360° photos & videos for digital asset management.

Discover Visual Plan Software & Features.

Visual Plan is a turnkey enterprise service provider. We support leading edge collaboration software platforms that compile all things CAD and all things 3D to manage Digital Twin Comparisons.

  • Capture and create 360 as-is “google street view” environments of critical infrastructure, assets and facilities.
  • Capture accurate SLAM, 3D Lidar and Drone data for your project deliverables.
  • View and share spatially accurate measurable Digital Twins over a GIS interface with geo-referenced 2D CAD BIM or 3D Lidar.

More than this, Visual Plan offers a live digital asset management Hub at your fingertips.

360 Photo Software and Visual Asset Management on Mobile Devices and Tablets

Features & Benefits

Effectively And Easily Scalable

Provides an seemless method using 360 capable cameras to produce one digital twin or many.

Hardware Agnostic

Visual Plan can delivor your project using a variety of hardware, 360, SLAM, 3D Lidar and drones.


Create a virtual 360° walkthrough of your facility and compile every view of your physical space into a singular composite.

Integrate All Visual File Types

Compile all 2D, 3D and Lidar data, importing existing and new data into our cloud based platform.

Secure Cloud Storage or offline

Visual Plan is based on AWS cloud servers which allows all data to be shared collaboratively with many stakeholders safely via built in roles and permissions. Or have us delivor your projects in an offline format.

Software Platform Options

Full 3D cloud-based SAS or OFFLINE platforms to easily share secure data among internal and external stakeholders for effective digital asset management. Leverage our enterprise software licenses to delivor projects, or have our team capture data in your existing software licensed account.

360° Digital TwinS
  • Cloud based 360° capture engine stitches and processes equirectangular (panoramic) photos automatically
  • Immersive 3D Digital Twin
  • Spatial intelligence
  • Virtual tour with natural point-of-view movement
Point Cloud Import
  • Import Lidar files from supported file types: .las, .laz, .ply, .pts, .xyz, .rcp, .rcs, .obj (coming soon)
3D BIM/CAD Import
  • Supported file types: .bcf, .rvt, .nwd, .ifc, .dwg 
  • GIS satellite overview with project map dashboard for all projects
  • JSON import
2D CAD/Floor Plan Import
  • Import CAD files from image, multi-page pdf,  file formats
  • Supported file types: .png, .jpg, .pdf, .svg
  • 2D sketch and 3D/4D floor plan tracing
  • Room search-ability on 2D floor plan
Dynamic progress tracking
  • View and compare progress with Timeline report comparisons
  • Site Insights use cloud-based smart progress tracking to automatically quantify areas and objects and produce dynamic progress analytics
  • Create a unique deep link URL to each annotation
  • Share-ability of annotation groups
  • Save view per annotation
  • Place annotations in-environment; include uploaded files, videos, hi-res still photos, create mark-up’s, dynamic notes, embed videos
  • Dynamic extended annotation and notification integration options
Augmented Reality Transfer
  • Overlay BIM objects onto panos in-environment
  • Visual clash detection from BIM to Lidar, or 360° images
  • Object layout to compare with as-built conditions
Exported HTML Report Deliverables
  • Export annotation group reports for hand over deliverables upon project completion
Secure Cloud Storage, or build offline
  • Visual Plan has been developed on the AWS cloud-based platform allowing all data to be shared collaboratively with many stakeholders using highly secure roles and permissions.  Data resides in the USA.  Additional options available.  Learn more about AWS security.

iOS/android 3D Capture App

  • Quickly capture of site data at walking speed, accurately and controlling drift
  • Unlimited number of captures
  • GPS data and AI to remove distortions
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • Simple, intuitive and fast capture
  • Unlimited number of captures
  • Captures automatically processed and organized in groups of up to 400 panos each
  • Panos are automatically processed, aligned and placed upon upload
  • Fast, minimum effort
  • Use confidently as a reference to pre-planning, or full capture
  • Simply drop a pano on the CAD anywhere you like
  • Geolocate imagery over preloaded CAD plans
  • No need for a wireless connection
  • Annotate and asset tag in the field
  • Take high resolution photos on your iOS device and embed still photos attached to annotations
Mobile Device agnostic 
  • Share and View projects from any browser
App Supported 360 Hardware/Cameras
  • Ricoh Theta Z1 (Fully Supported)
    • 360° photo and video supported
    • HDR Photo and Video processing on camera for cloud processing directly off of Capture iOS app.
  • Insta360 One R, One X and One X2
    • 360° photo and video supported
    • HDR photo and video supported with Insta Studio stitching software desktop processing

Turnkey Solution Tools

Unique tools to increase digital asset management and operational efficiency. We leverage a number of leading SAS and offline platforms to delivor pojects given your specific project needs.

Distance, Angular And Radius Measurements
2D Sketch, 3d model Trace Over or Export mesh or lidar slice
Pano Editing Tools
  • Vertical (Z-Up) alignment, rotate, & quickly address pano issues
  • Map photos and videos to plan
  • Add constraints to enhance accuracy
Our AI-Driven Features
  • Cloud Removal AI
  • Automatic Redaction of Faces Through a Blur
  • Manual Facial Blur Redaction AI
  • Machine Learning for Orientation and Alignment
  • Computer Vision Driven Photo Stitching
Cloud Connect Desktop
  • Upload panos and Lidar/Point Cloud into projects
  • Download Viewer for offline access
Offline Desktop Viewer
  • View project Viewer offline

Annotate, Measure, Share & Report

Trusted measurement with robust customized annotation form creator. Quick secure sharing and single click HTML/PDF report.

  • Add high resolution still images and video to enhance annotations
  • Mark-up 360 degree images using colors, circle, box, arrow, text, freehand scribble
  • Customize the built-in Digital Form Creation tool to add text, number, checkbox, dropdown, data and members assigned
  • Intelligently search asset annotations by rooms defined from Revit BIM model
  • Conduct 2D and 3D distance measurements on panos, BIM, 3D CAD and 2D floor plans.
  • Measure in 2D over your existing CAD drawings
Share & Report
  • Generate secure URLs for sharing among stakeholders; user access controls allow for permissions-based or public sharing
  • Additional exports in database format .xls, .csv for import to CAFM platform
  • Multi-directional URLs and integrations with CAFM platforms
  • Send Issues and RFIs directly to BIM360 and PlanGrid
  • Send RFIs, Observations, Punch Lists directly to ProCore
  • Export dynamic HTML reports for handoff deliverables 


360 degree photos are common among recreational enthusiasts but can be extremely helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of what is happening in your environment.  These special photos require a spherical camera creating a photo where you can view your environment as if you were standing in a room being able to see above, below and 360 degrees around.  

By using the Visual Plan platform, we import large amounts of 360 degree photos and stitch all these photos together to create an immersive environment.  When stitching, we can apply intelligent scaling data over the stitch photos having 360 degree photogrammetry in our platform. 

Click here to see a sample 360 photo.

Photogrammetry is widely used in today’s industrial and commercial sectors to visually understand environments more clearly and be able to track progress over time, see facilities when a site visit is not possible or measure data when we need to verify something quickly saving time and energy.

Yes, Visual Plan’s unique platform provides clients with the ability to ingest all data you already have available or may be using, we just organize this data in a format that makes it readily available and easy to access for effective and efficient digital asset management.  Once you have your data uploaded, if needed you can then conduct a capture of your environments to  visualize, plan, develop and communicate.  

A Digital Twin is an exact visual carbon copy or representation of a physical environment at a specific moment in time. Digital Twins incorporate a collection of photos, videos, 3D Lidar and other visual data to build your virtual environment. Click here to learn more about how Digital Twins can optimize your facility’s operation and maintenance initiatives.

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