Digital Twins APplications For Oil and gas lifecycle management

Oil and Gas

Visual Plan 3D Digital Twins drive value for critical infrastructure applications upstream, midstream, and downstream for Oil & Gas operations.

Increase Reliability and uptime with Digital Twins for lifecycle management.

By incorporating Digital Twins into established lifecycle management processes, petrochemical, oil and gas operators save time, create project certainty, increase efficiency of repairs and ensure worker safety to prevent shutdowns, failures and ecological disasters—upstream, midstream and downstream. 

Visual Plan 360 visualization of exterior petrochemical or oil and gas tank

Visual Plan's Digital Twins Are critical for lifecycle management

Virtual Design & Construction

Integrate and manage project documentation, BIM, LiDar and more to streamline collaboration and track progress

Project management & oversight

Gain remote access to site as-is conditions, project progress, asset information and documentation

Operations, Maintenance & Reliability

Reduce downtime and increase resilience with accessible facility and asset maintenance history and CMMS integrations

Inspection identification to remediation

Increase the efficiency of inspecting, documenting, reporting, and repairing processes

Training & wayfinding

Increase safety and expedite on-site visits with virtual training and wayfinding through walkable, virtual tours of the site

Oil And Gas Digital Twins Key Sites & Applications

Key Sites​

  • Offshore
  • Refinery / Plant
  • Compressor Stations
  • Pipe Rack & Site Projects
  • Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels
  • Electrical Substations
  • Citygate & Straddle Plants

Oil & Gas Applications​

  • Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Safety Planning
  • Shutdowns & Turnarounds
  • Reliability Maintenance
  • Tank Integrity Inspections
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Regulatory Compliance
Digital twins asset tagging on oil and gas substation
Thermal inspection result integration into digital twins
Visual Plan dual screen of oil and gas tank inspection, annotation and floor plan.

Managing Operational Change with Digital Twins powered by 360 Photogrammetry

3D visualization through Digital Twins delivers virtual capability previously not available for refinery managers and operators, assuring measurable energy saving initiatives can be completed and maintained post-commissioning:

  • Reduce or eliminate delays executing Managed Operational Change (MOC)
  • Gain instant remote access to critical information
  • Improve workforce knowledge retention
  • Mitigate risk and increase safety, including during onboarding and process management
  • Achieve high return energy cost savings
  • Reduce downtime with expedited way-finding and route-planning

Proven Success and Demonstrated Value for Oil and Gas industries

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