Facility visibility, access, information and results.

Instantly access critical facility, security and asset information with Visual Plan.

Better Facility Visualization. Better decisions.

Visual Plan puts your facility in your pocket, giving you virtual access to a carbon copy of your facility at different points in time, with detailed asset properties, unparalleled organization and effective decision making power—anytime, anywhere.

Visual Plan digital twins of a substation shown on smartphone and tablet devices
Gain Context

360° photogrammetry provides 3D spatial context where asset data is associated

Integrate Data Sources

Combine spatial information with schematics and static data, and integrate dynamic data streams

Organize asset knowledge

Organize 3D models, P&IDs, data sheets, diagrams, and inspection reports

ImpRove Safety

Reduce the number of physical inspections and people on-site, and lead virtual remote simulations for training and planning

Maximize Efficiencies

Increase reliability of data to prioritize attention for operations and maintenance

Monitor & track progress

Compare current and historic visual conditions

Visual Plan Digital Twins Solutions for Complex Industries

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Municipal & MEP

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Aviation & Rail

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Manufacturing & Processing

Critical Facility Visualization for Complex Industries

How a virtual skeleton key Can transform your business

With our Visual Skeleton Key, anyone can find anything, anywhere, anytime, for any reason, from anywhere,
…THEN plan – assess – approve – complete – report/document tasks with visual proof.

Manufacturing & Processing

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Factory personnel must have expert knowledge of physical plant and production operations in order to increase mechanical availability. Active Preventative Maintenance has proven to increase Mechanical Availability. The challenge? Operations Personnel enjoying access to existing “updated” information quickly. We help you find, fix, maintain, assets more efficiently and effectively eliminating this challenge enterprise-wide.
  • Increase plant reliability
  • Eliminate operational mistakes permanently
  • Eliminate delays for Managed Operational Change (MOC) - (i.e. Executive Approvals)
  • Minimize risk/liability impact of workforce onboarding & turnover

Utilities and Energy

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Losing control of utility/energy systems due to operator infrastructure knowledge limits, can be measured directly in the rising cost of energy wasted and customer rate hikes. Not as obvious, the greater cost of poor public relations, fines and/or employee injury - lawsuits to the power producer result from this challenge. Operational efficiency and effectiveness within energy production is severely hindered by the challenge that employee losses occur (planned or unplanned). We help you maximize staff Knowledge Retention of operations for effective business continuance actions immediately, or in the planning phase.
  • Managing furloughs/retirements
  • Constraining staffing levels onsite
  • Increase speed of assessment completion for security/safety/risk
  • Minimize risk/liability impact of onboarding new employees

Oil and Gas

“70% of the lost jobs in Oil & Gas processing may not come back by the end of 2021” according to Deloitte 10-5-2020. The overall O&G market “compressed” in 2014-2019 as prices dropped, inventories rose, & median workforce age passed 44. Where will costs be addressed now with limited levers to maintain profit? Energy is a focal issue.

The US Department of Energy continues to call out hydrocarbon processing industry as the #1 opportunity to reduce energy intensity across all industrial segments and achieve National objectives.

3D Visualization delivers virtual capability previously not available for refinery managers /operators AND assures measurable energy saving initiatives can be completed & MAINTAINED post-commissioning.

  • Eliminate/reduce delays executing “Managed Operational Change” (MOC)
  • Instant access to critical information - See it now!
  • Improve workforce knowledge retention - Find it-Fix it
  • Mitigate risk and increase safety (onboarding and process management)
  • Achieve high return energy cost savings

Security & Public Safety

Increase 360° Visual Situational Awareness with visualization for security planning, protection and response. You cannot protect, safeguard or respond effectively without accurate information and training. Security and safety starts with hazard and risk assessment to help design safe spaces, policies and procedures. To be successful, intimate knowledge of your facilities is critical and this is where visualization plays an essential role. The stakes are high for any business, but a gap in security or safety could mean life or death. See how security system design can be completed in just 1 site visit with Visual Plan >
  • Mitigates risk
  • Increase safety
  • Ensures compliance
  • Prevents liability costs
  • Instant access to critical information
  • Securely share with various stakeholders
  • Virtual Table Tops
Reaping these benefits helps increase operational efficiency and profitability while safeguarding people, property, IP and reputation. Using a visual approach ensures all angles are covered, and no gaps overlooked through the assessment, planning, design, implementation and management of security and safety operations.

Higher Education

Gain Critical Visibility Into Campus Environments
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Large campus environments are complex. Assets are hard to locate and maintain efficiently, especially if you are new or temporarily assigned to unfamiliar work orders. Preventative maintenance, the key to sustained energy savings, becomes even harder when workforce change forces cross-functional facility & safety training due to reduced personnel. The stakes are very high making the ability to quickly find, navigate and confirm details in order to maintain, fix, protect or approve work orders. Visualization provides the opportunity to gain operational efficiency & reduce liabilities using our tool; the Visual Skeleton Key…. Anyone can find anything, anywhere, anytime, for any reason, from anywhere, then plan – complete – and report/document tasks without travel. See how Visual Plan improves campus safety and facilities maintenance >
  • Improve workforce knowledge retention
  • Mitigate risk and increase safety
  • Effectively maintain assets
  • Reduce energy intensity
  • Improve work order completion
Reaping these benefits allows campus managers to improve communication, manage preventive maintenance, reduce energy loss, increase uptimes, and gain the greatest value from their key assets, while keeping the campus safe. Using a visual approach to complex campus management, collaboration and oversight not only leads to project success but also ensures compliance and minimal re-work.


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Employee losses occur, planned or unplanned. Failure to effectively protect assets & assess risks because of travel restrictions can be measured directly in $ liabilities, potential employee/visitor injury costs, and travel expenses/time wasted.
  • Reduce/eliminate travel for oversight validation (local or off-site)
  • Increase speed – assessment completion for security/safety/risk
  • Reduce risk/loss impacts of workforce transition or retirements
  • Eliminate operational mistakes permanently
  • Sustain energy savings long-term & reduce energy intensity
Reaping these benefits allows transportation stakeholders to prevent violations or mistakes that might lead to injuries or lawsuits. Using a “visual” approach provides the ability to sustain improvements and ensure compliance, with minimal re-work and reduced travel requirements.

Service Providers

The two golden rules when providing long-term service to large complex infrastructure/factories; “Keep your Business, and Take Business from your competitors”. You retain & win new business often by knowing as much, or more, than your client when it comes to Break/Fix/Maintain “know how”. You will retain more business with the ability to “Visually Show”...what you're doing...where/why you are doing it...and how it helps them as owners, operators and other stakeholders. 3D Visualization helps service providers deliver greater value to their customers;
  • Quickly share complex information
  • Facilitate Knowledge Retention
  • Eliminate operational mistakes permanently
  • Mitigate risk account manager change
360 pano of maintenance hallway and rooms
See more. do more.

3 Steps to Find anything. anytime. anywhere.

When it comes to complex infrastructures, what you don’t know can hurt you. There is a growing gap between the project development phases and the operations and maintenance phases of a facility; leveraging facility visualization for operational efficiency can drive significant benefits to all stakeholders.

quickly Capture Your Site.

Our 360 photogrammetry platform streamlines the capture process for rapid, scalable and cost effective visualization, so you can quickly see your facility, project, asset or operation from every angle.

Upload Your Digital Twin.

Tag assets in-environment, connect to existing databases or project management tools and quickly share with stakeholders for fast, efficient and clear notation sharing.

Make Informed Decisions.

Facility visualization streamlines decision making from anywhere, and decrease on-site meetings and travel time 50% to 100%.


Reduce production efficiency loss · Improve workforce turnover

Energy Intensity Reduction

3% energy consumption/year - Energy asset loss · 1-5% reduction kwh/year - lighting maintenance.

Operations Production

50-80% reduction in work order completion · 1% increase in uptime = 10% maintenance savings


Facility training and orientation · Job safety analysis (OSHA)

Risk Mitigation

Reduce onsite visits and incidents · Remote oversight = no travel

Security & Protection

Business continuity · Virtual table tops / response planning

Currently, operators waste 40% of their day just trying to find things.

Schedule a 30 minute demo today and see how Visual Plan will reduce time spent trying to locate and navigate to an asset, find information, and address changes or issues on-site using Digital Twins for facility visualization.