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Digital Twins & the Metaverse


June 6, 11am eastern.

Join Matthew Byrd and the Reality Capture Network for a casual conversation about digital twins and the metaverse.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting out in the field, you are invited to join Reality Capture Conversations, a weekly LinkedIn audio room series hosted by Matthew Byrd and Reality Capture Network. The series provides a forum for an open, interactive discussion about topics related to reality capture, land surveying, and construction technology. Professionals in the architecture, engineering, construction, and land surveying industries can benefit from tuning in to hear real-time discussion from others who provide insights, share experiences, and offer practical tips.

Join as a listener or participate in the conversation by asking questions or sharing your own experiences. To submit a question during the LinkedIn audio event, click the “raise your hand” button.

Economist Impact: Enterprise Metaverse Summit


June 28th-29th 2023 • London and virtual

GSX Global Security Exchange 2023


“Digital Twin Applications for Security Operations and Facility Design”
09/11/2023 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

Reality Capture Network 2023


October 17 – 19, 2023 – Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

Past Events

FAMEX 2023

Booth #D-123

Date: April 26 – 29, 2023, 
Santa Lucia, Mexico

IR/INFO 2023

ENGLISH – In-Person Event – SPEAKER

Date: January 15 – 18, 2023, Orlando, Florida

Presentation: Synthesizing information through a digital twin framework from sensors, and field testing to reliability-centered maintenance

In this presentation, we will discuss the challenges of maintaining critical equipment in one of the largest airports in the USA. We will present how the implementation of 3d digital twins is simplifying the access to information, real-time monitoring, and effective action post inspection to ensure issues are resolved effectively. We will cover various ways where infrared technologies and sensors are being utilized and what are being considered for the future and the role of physics-based simulation as a predictive method to support early warning testing strategies. 

CONSULT Technical Security Symposium


Date: Oct 28-31, 2022 – Nashville, TN

Presentation: Using 3D Visualization to Enhance Security Design – Kelly Watt, Sunday, October 30

“A picture is worth 1000 words”; but what does 3D data, 360-imagery, and AR/MR/VR offer to security consultants, integrators, and owners? From design to project handover we depend on accurate current site information and communication to make informed decisions and create effective designs. Yet, our world is ever changing, and the data threads and communication we receive don’t always keep pace. How can AI help us game out scenarios to help us with effective planning and design?

Available reality capture technologies from 3d lidar, to SLAM, photogrammetry and 360 are changing the way we look at spaces, share information, and collaborate on best outcomes. Hardened headsets allow us to experience this data in entirely different ways, from aerial perspectives, eye level or subsurface. And AI is helping us to game out best outcomes before deployment using Digital Twin framework. We will explore through use cases how reality capture is augmenting the design process to deliver best outcomes, and how AI is assisting the outcomes by offering data driven information. 

Panel Discussion: Risk-Based Behavioral Simulation utilizing UEBA, Systems MBSE, and Digital Twins – Kelly Watt, J Kelly Stewart, Benjamin Butchko

Commercial simulation has revolutionized the industry since the 1950s. Design of cyber-physical systems, IoT, cloud computing, and AI/ML provides predictive and automated outcomes for digital twin utilization and the intelligent building or factory. But beyond sensor data, what about the human factor and processes? How can risk-based behavioral simulation provide accurate answers to human scenarios, predict outcomes, automate outcomes, or prescribe real-time countermeasures through monitoring anomalistic behaviors through a digital twin framework in an integrated physical-cyber environment?

We will discuss the value of digital twins in physical and cyber security design and essential benefits to operations from use cases in critical infrastructure and transportation. Then we will discuss a new model utilizing security sensors, analytics, and behavioral simulation to predict and prevent threats predictively before they cause harm.

Reality Capture Network (RCN) Conference 2022

ENGLISH – In-Person Event – SPEAKER

Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022 – Boise, ID

DFW Airport – A digital journey to Digital Twin   

Lessons and success from an airport’s digital transformation journey and integration of reality capture, BIM, and disparate data to operationalize a digital twin for lifecycle management. 

Learning objectives 

  • Establishing 3d Scanning standards and workflows: looking at the bigger picture of lifecycle management from spec’ing scanning requirements to data handover to meet owners’ long-term needs. 
  • Institutionalizing the essential steps to successfully scanning large sites and infrastructure. 
  • Case Example review: the success of the Central Utility Plant project. 
  • Lessons learned from Terminal D to getting it right for the future.  
  • Security considerations on managing the relationship between contractors and owners. 
  • What’s next with the data for operations? 
  • What does the future hold for reality capture in the digital twin? 

GSX 2022

ENGLISH – In-Person Event – SPEAKER

Date: September 14  9:45 AM – 10:45 AM 
Atlanta, GA


Georgia Tech Building Construction Experience With Digital Twin Applications for Security

The digital transformation of facilities is impacting all organizational teams, particularly security operations, and leading academic institutions are providing knowledge of this future environment. In this presentation, we will share the case study of the Georgia Tech Masters in Building Construction and Facility Management Program’s research into digital twins and their application, including security design and operations. In this project, industry-experienced students gained critical real-world experience with 3D technologies and practiced on campus buildings while interacting with campus security, first responders and facility operations. The technology innovations provided a detailed visual context for multi-disciplinary discussions and critical thinking, exposing students to deeper understanding of security design, standards and operations while driving value to the university.

Expominas Ecuador 2022 – Booth #201

SPANISH – Buro de Convenciones de Quito. (Av. Amazonas y la prensa, Av. Rio Amazonas, Quito 170104, Ecuador)

Date: July 13-15, 2022 – Quito – Ecuador

International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC) 2022

SPANISH – Hybrid In-person & Virtual Event

Date: July 12-15, 2022 – Bogotá – Colombia

6th Annual Energy Drone & Robotics Summit

ENGLISH – Hybrid In-person & Virtual Event

Date: June 20 – 22, 2022 – The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, Houston, TX



Exhibiting Live in Person – City
Tampico , Tamaulipas.

Gold Sponsor

Date: June 6-8, 2022 Booth #

Digital Twins as a Means for Maximizing Design, Implementation, Operations, and System Support Success

ENGLISH – Virtual Event at PSA TEC 2022

Date: Thursday, May 26, 2022 – 10:00 AM -11:00 AM

This session will discuss how 360° Digital Twin imagery can be used for practical applications of design, inspection, and risk assessment to improve collaboration, reduce re-work and increase productivity. Beyond managing projects, we will tie in how visualization can play a critical role in education, training and meeting the urgent response needs of 1st responders during a critical incident. We will discuss real-world scenarios where visualization from the Digital Twin could have been life-changing.


Benjamin Butchko – President & CEO Butchko ESI

Kelly Watt – CEO Visual Plan Inc.

Gemelo Digital en el mundo de la ingeniería

Orginized by: FECIME

Date: Monday May 09, 2022

Hour: 5 PM (Central time)

IEEE PES T&D Conference in New Orleans LA

Exhibiting Live in Person 

Date: April 25-28, 2022 Booth #3910 in the Smart Cities Pavilion

ISC West in Las Vegas NV

Exhibiting Live in Person

Date: March 22-25, 2022

SPEAKER: Kelly Watt 

GEO WEEK – the intersection of geospatial + the built world – Denver CO


Date: Thursday, February 6-8

Kelly Watt – CEO Visual Plan Inc.

Speaking & Exhibiting: at Infraspection Institute Annual Conference in Orlando FL

Live in Person Conference & 2 in Person Presentations

Date: January 16 – 19, 2022

Title: Beyond Detection and Diagnosis of Asset Defects on Remote Critical Infrastructure 

Description: Learn how Digital Twins are being used on Condition Assessments, Compliance Inspections, for LDAR, Asset Management and Capital Planning for Critical Infrastructure. Digital Twins offer a unique way to communicate findings, collaborate on root cause and remediation efforts while having an intimate, accurate and current knowledge of assets, asset attribute information and their environment.

Speaker: Kelly Watt – CEO Visual Plan Inc.

Title: Thermal Drone Capture and Storage Tank Integrity Leak Detection
and Repair: Case Examples from the Oil and Gas Industry

Speaker: Scott McGowan – Owner of Kestel Group

Leveraging digital twin technology with real-time data driven processes


Virtual Event

Date: November 18, 2021 (10:30am/PDT, 1:30pm/EST) 

Guest Speakers

  1. Steven Crowe – Integration Team Project Manager Resolutebi.com
  2. J Kelly Stewart – Newcastle Consulting
  3. Kelly Watt – CEO Visual Plan Inc.

Energy Drone & Robotics Summit

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, Houston, TX

Date: October 25-27, 2021

Presenting Tuesday Oct 26 at 3:30

Speakers: Scott McGowan and Kelly Watt

Topic: Digital Digital Twins: integrate operational processes with 360-imagery 

Learn how 360 Digital Twins are disrupting LDAR compliance, tank integrity inspections, substation capture, pipe-rack documentation, and large facility or site monitoring. When integrated with CMMS tools like IBM Maximo, asset capital planning, IoT device locations, and analytics tools, Digital Twins become a powerful operational game-changer. Learn from real case examples.

Bobby Dodd Stadium at Georgia Tech

Live Presentation On Campus

Practical Applications: Digital Twins To Operate, Manage & Protect 


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA – Crossland Tower, Room 2130

Date: October 21, 2021 (5-6:30pm EST) 

How can digital twins be used post-commissioning for operational processes and maintaining assets and facilities? Amadeus Burger brings with him over 40-years creating and working with complex digital twins for nuclear, manufacturing, petrochemical and other applications. Learn where it all started, and how new innovations are changing the paradigm. 

Kelly Watt will discuss workflows to CMMS, Asset Management and connecting real-time sensor and IoT devices to digital twins to realize clear operational efficiency. Knowledge management and digital knowledge transfer are key, but we also need to manage operational change. This is where Visual Plan is strong and where 360 photogrammetry is changing the game, breaking silos and realizing significant gains for entire organizations.

Guest Speakers

  1. Kelly Watt – CEO Visual Plan Inc. 
  2. Amadeus Burger – Digital Plant Technology 
  •  Field Capture project of the Bobby Dodd Stadium during the week (2 live field training)
Visual Plan 3D Digital Twins and 360 Photo Event at Georgia Tech

Live Presentation On Campus

Practical Applications: Digital Twins To Build, Design & Secure


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA – Crossland Tower, Room 2130

Date: October 19, 2021 (5-6:30pm EST) 

Learn how digital twins are impacting construction management from initial site inspections, generative designs, virtual collaboration, project oversight, clash detection, issue tracking, BIM management, scheduling and commissioning. Mark Schreiber will present the process from a security and risk perspective while Kelly Watt presents case examples where companies are increasing productivity, reducing re-work and improving their bottom line.

Guest Speakers

  1. Kelly Watt – CEO Visual Plan Inc. 
  2. Mark Schreiber – Safeguard Consulting
  •  Field Capture project of the Bobby Dodd Stadium during the week (2 live field training)
GSX 2020 - Global Security Exchange

Visual Plan Demos at GSX 2021 

Want to meet the Visual Plan team or see an on-site demo of Visual Plan at GSX 2021? We’ll come to you!

Orlando, FL

Date: September 27-29, 2021


FAMEX 2021 Floorplan


BOOTH #C42, C43 and C44
Date: September 22-25, 2021
Location: Base Aérea Militar No. 1 (Santa Lucía, Edo. Méx.)

sIA GOV SUMMIT: New Technologies for Securing Government Facilities

Topics to Be Covered: Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence, Leveraging 3D Facility Visualization, A New Framework for Insider Threat Mitigation
Date: Tuesday, September 21st
Location: Online

WEBINAR - Digital Twins: El poder más allá de una imagen

Organizado por la Federación de la Industria Aeroespacial Colombiana - FEDIAC
Date: 14 de septiembre de 2021
Location: Online

ISC West 2021 – Booth #12079

Come meet the Visual Plan team at ISC WEST 2021. You’ll find us in the Orion Entrance Control Booth showcasing our Digital Twins platform. 


Date: July 19-21, 2021

Digital Twin use for virtual inspection, code enforcement, and construction management

Join Visual Plan’s Kelly WattMichael Warren of AECOM, and electronic security consultant Kim Marsh at this event hosted by SNICC.

Date: July 8, 2021

New Technology for Transit Agencies to Reduce Costs and Increase Collaboration: Using Digital Twins to fix operational workflow challenges and mitigate risks.

Webinar Organized by Perez Consulting;  
Discussion Topics: 

Creating Operational Efficiency through Remote Management · Emergency and Safety Planning with 3D Visualization · Virtual Site Inspections, Assessment and Safety Compliance · Integrating 3D Visualization into Asset Management · 3D Asset Tagging · 3D Visualization, Photogrammetry, Visual Plan · 3D Lidar, BIM and 2D CAD

Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

ASPG Foundation

3D Visualization in Oil & Gas, Power & Energy

Join Visual Plan’s Kelly Watt for a virtual conference hosted by the APSG Education Foundation.

Date: June 9, 2021

Digital Twins as a Means for Maximizing Design, Implementation, Operations, and System Support Success (and Profitability)

Join Visual Plan’s Kelly Watt and Butchko Inc’s President Benjamin Butchko at TEC2021.


Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Expo Manufactura Inteligente – stand # 1904

Date: 13-15 de Abril 2021


Seguridad en Plataformas Marítimas Curso de 5hrs

“De parte de Seguridad en América les damos la más cordial bienvenida a nuestro Roadshow Online Gratuito. En esta plataforma digital compartiremos información sobre las mejores prácticas y soluciones tecnológicas para apoyar en sus actividades como encargados de la seguridad.” Alex Parker, DSE Gerente de Ventas

Date: 7 de Abril 2021

Time: 10:00 – 15:00 EDT

Public Safety in the new normal of COVID

Creating a New Normal in Public Safety

Join Visual Plan’s Kelly Watt and other presenters for a discussion on the changes in public safety and facility management due to the pandemic.

Date: March 3, 2021

TWG Security and digital twins Tech Talk event

20min Tuesday Tech Talk – TWG Security


Date: January 19, 2020

Time: 10:30am – 10:50am PST (1:30pm – 1:50pm EST)

Managing Operational Change (MOC) effectively, can mean the difference between survival and failure of a business today


Date: January 21, 2021 

Critical Infrastructure Security

La Nueva Norma: diseño de seguridad dinámico a través de la visualización


Fecha: 16-17 de Diciembre de 2020

Evento gratuito: Conferencia de todo el día, Presentaciones Visual Plan 2X

Man and Woman Engineers looking at connectivity of virtual city buildings

The New Normal – Dynamic Security Design through Visualization


Date: December 10, 2020 

Time: 10:30am – 11:15pm PST (1:30pm – 2:15pm EST)

Compliance and risk assessment

Cómo la visualización y los gemelos digitales pueden acelerar la Industria 4.0


Fecha: 26 de Noviembre de 2020

Intelligent Manufacturing – Prevention, Planning through Visualization


Date: October 14, 2020 – Completed 

Harvard campus

Visual Opportunities Using Digital Twins for Campus Safety Planning


Date: October 5, 2020 – Completed

Global Security Connection Ver Para Creer

Ver Para Creer


Fecha: 9 de Septiembre de 2020 – Terminado

4th industrial revolution graphic

La 4ta Revolución Industrial cambio de paradigma, posibilidades ilimitadas


Fecha: 8 de Septiembre de 2020 – Terminado

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