Digital Twins APplications To safeguard critical electrical, natural gas, Water & Wastewater, & Communications infrastructure

Utilities & Energy

Utilities and energy infrastructure is critical to every aspect of our daily life—Visual Plan Digital Twins help manage operational change and secure the grid for maximum uptime.

Digital Twins help keep utilities operational with Scalable remote visibility and oversight.

For utilities and energy, scalability is critical. Scalability of output as well as oversight. With Visual Plan’s Digital Twins, organization, access, and tracking of key site, asset, and inspection documentation is geo-tagged and associated with each of your sites, all consolidated in one remotely accessible hub. 

360 photo and annotation documentation for utilities substation

Visual Plan Digital Twins Are a critical visual asset management tool for the maintenance of utilities and Energy infrastructure:

Improve safety

Reduce on-site visits, improve training and expedite preplanning with remote virtual access to as-is site conditions through 3D visualization

increase uptime & resilience

Knowledge retention through visual data consolidation enables better continuity of function and service

Reliability maintenance

In-environment annotations can hold critical asset information, documentation, serial numbers and maintenance histories

Manage Large Scale and Remote Sites

Remote access and virtual walkthroughs provide critical contextual insight about the environmental and asset conditions

Improve Efficiencies

Improved data management for effective communication, decision-making, planning, inspection and remediation

Key Digital Twins Sites & Applications For Utilities & Energy​

Key Sites

  • Power Generation Plants
  • Natural Gas & Hydro Dams
  • Processing
  • Substations
  • Compressor Stations
  • Storage
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment

Energy & Utilities Applications

  • Security Design
  • Safety & Risk Mitigation
  • Construction
  • Asset Management
  • Reliability Inspections
  • Remote Site Access & Oversight
Digital twins asset tagging on oil and gas substation
Thermal inspection result integration into digital twins
Utilities electric substation digital twins with bim compare

Maximizing Critical Knowledge Retention with 3D Digital Twins & 360 Photogrammetry

Losing control of utility/energy systems due to operator infrastructure knowledge limits, can be measured directly in the rising cost of energy wasted and customer rate hikes. Not as obvious, the greater cost of poor public relations, fines and/or employee injury – lawsuits to the power producer result from this challenge. 

Operational efficiency and effectiveness within energy production is severely hindered by the challenge that employee losses occur (planned or unplanned). The Visual Plan 3D visualization provides a walkable virtual tour of your facility and critical asset information to help you maximize staff Knowledge Retention of operations for effective business continuance actions immediately, or in the planning phase.

  • Reduce or eliminate delays executing Managed Operational Change (MOC)
  • Gain instant remote access to critical information
  • Improve workforce knowledge retention
  • Mitigate risk and increase safety, including during onboarding and process management
  • Achieve high return energy cost savings
  • Reduce downtime with expedited way-finding and route-planning

Proven Success In the field for Utilities & Energy

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