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All service providers need access to accurate, measurable data in order to make real-time decisions and deliver superior, personalized services. Sharing and accessing relevant project details, insights, and current conditions can mean the difference between success and disaster.

With Visual Plan and our valued partners, you can bring everyone to the same table and unlock operational insights. Within minutes of capturing your data, you’ll be able to see problems as well as solutions. You’ll have transparency across the previous work so you can identify baselines and develop immediate next steps.

Bringing everyone to the same table.

Security & Public Safety

System Integrators
Campus Security Teams


Service Technicians


Executive Communication
IT System/Policy Integrators

Every decision made by each of these stakeholders will impact the facility’s life cycle. And while each team, from system integrators to service technicians, share the same space, they often fail to share insights and communicate project outcomes efficiently. Visual Plan and our qualified partners bridge the gap between fragmented and limited information.

Our Provider Network is the best in the Digital Twins biz.

With leaders in risk assessment, enterprise security, information management and strategic operations, Visual Plan’s local provider network can help you create and utilize Digital Twins like never before. Contact us today to find out how our extended network can help with:

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

  • Site & Enterprise Risk Evaluations
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Risk Prevention Plans
  • Risk Countermeasures
  • Enterprise Security Risk Management
  • Organizational Resilience & Crisis Management
  • Design of Evacuation Plans
  • Threat Intelligence Acquisition & Analysis
  • Virtual Risk Assessments

Security and Information

  • GAP Security Review
  • Integrated Facility Security Design & Engineering
  • Security Systems Administration
  • Information Technology & Security
  • Access Control / CCTV Systems
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Comprehensive Security Blueprint
  • Cyber Security
  • Document Management
  • Technical Security Counter Measures
  • The Virtual CSO

Facilities and Operations

  • Project Management
  • Compliance Audits & Analysis
  • Operations Process Refinement
  • Strategic Planning
  • International Strategic Support
  • Business Intelligence and Visualization
  • Program, Enterprise, Crisis and Emergency Planning & Management
  • Tabletop Simulations
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Quantification of Added Value
  • Continuity of Operations (Government and Private sector)

Visual Plan — The Silver Bullet for Service Providers

Expensive technology investments are no silver bullets for fragmented information. But Visual Plan is. Why? It’s inexpensive, easy to use, lightweight, and flexible. You can use it with your own cell phone device and adapt it to compact or complex locations. In short, service providers will be able to:

Create New Revenue Streams

Improve profitability by adding new service offerings with minimum investments.

Deliver Intuitive Project Deliverables

Work with diagrams and system surveys and feed information into existing BIM or CAFM models.

Drive Better Customer Retention

Add new value to existing customers and create new revenue streams.

Save Time & Minimize Knowledge Transfer Loss

Get started in a few hours. After the initial training, you’ll be in and out of facilities at walking speed. Every capture can be easily shared for future reference.

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