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Facility Compliance: Virtual Collaboration, Inspection, Validation and Enforcement

The Visual Plan Solution allows compliance, safety and risk mitigation professionals to effectively inspect, assess, report and communicate with decision makers. Stakeholders can used the Visual Plan Digital Twin and aggregated CAD, BIM, markups and annotations to effectively manage code enforcement, uphold standards, reduce risk and ensure job safety and protect company assets. Visual Plan becomes the virtual window into each building without having to step in the door allowing teams to all be on the same page at all times.

Real-time Collaboration

Bring the Digital Twin and aggregated CAD data to your current computer aided facility management or asset management system by adding a URL field to the data record. View your existing live sensor data or existing analytical reports next to full 3D visualization to better understand whats going on. Have geo-spatially located visualization sent to your field techs with event email notification sent to ensure they can can review, assess and plan their response, bring appropriate tools, parts or supplies on the first visit. 

  •  Wide Stakeholder and Workplace Safety Training
  • Real Time Reporting Asset Management
  • Logistics & Delivery Training

Instant Validation 

The Digital Twin becomes a single source of truth for the physical aspects of your facility. The Visual Plan solution aggregates all CAD, BIM, GIS overlay, user markups and annotations which are remotely available at any time to all team members no matter their location. 

  • Emergency System Physical Validation
  • OSHA Compliance Validation
  • Reduced Workforce Preparation

Code/Policy Enforcement

Schedule frequent 360 Video Captures to create 3D Digital Twins over time. Use the Digital Twin for internal audits and code enforcement. Ensure directives are implemented effectively, compare previous to current conditions and enforce code, policies and standards. Ensure that process changes, or physical changes to your facility do not violate building, fire, OSHA or other codes. Uphold brand standards, reduce workplace injury and accidents by having more eyes and oversight on your facility. 

  • Building Code Compliance and Enforcement
  • OSHA compliance and Liability Minimization
  • New/Existing Employee Training
Accident report form on a desktop.

Inspect and Assess 

Onsite inspections can be time consuming and costly, especially when travel is required or subject experts with busy schedules are needed. Implementation of recommendations from long form text reports can also be tedious to review and implement. However, a Digital Twin enables organizations to inspect remotely and engage multiple stakeholders virtually, reducing time and cost while increasing oversight. The Digital Twin is also a great visual tool to help communicate findings and plans to address recommendations.

  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Risk Assessments, Risk Mitigation
  • IT System Compliance

Risk Mitigation  

With the Digital Twin, responders will be able to locate and identify areas where hazardous materials are stored at the facility. Environment, health and safety standards are a big challenge for first responders at risk to dangerous conditions. Regular and virtual assessments  can help identify vulnerabilities and communicate countermeasures to increase job safety and reduce risk. Having the detailed 3D data is extremely valuable when addressing egress and evacuation planning. 

  • Job Safety Assessment
  • Hazard Safety Assessment and Inventory
  • Egress/Evacuation Planning


Collaborate with various stakeholders on and off premise to get everyone on the same page. Visual reports help managers to hold teams accountable and implement reported recommendations. Simulate layouts of the As-Is Condition overlaid to a 3D BIM design with our AR tool. Move the BIM object in the As-Is Digital Twin to ensure optimal layout of manufacturing machinery or equipment. 

  • Asset Tracking
  • Emergency Control Systems
  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Egress Simulation/Validation