Facility office space

Facility Operations: Digital Twins Provide a Better Way to Manage Large Facilities

Visual Plan allows the Facility Manager to be the problem solver, even when not in the room. This is critically important when collaborating on design changes, managing new construction projects, improving performance with engineering, maintaining assets and preparing or responding to critical incidents. Visual Plan becomes the virtual window into each building without having to step in the door allowing teams to all be on the same page at all times.

Plan and Design

Bring the Digital Twin to your current computer aided facility management or asset management system simply by adding a URL field to the record system. We can upload the Digital Twin geo-spatially through your entire facility by space or area. Get entire organizations on the same page with planning and design. Plan and collaborate with various stakeholders in a single platform.

  • Functional and Capital Planning
  • Engineering
  • Asset Documentation (behind walls, ceilings, beneath floor, underground utilities)
  • Machine/Assembly Line documentation 


Job site documentation helps project managers catch mistakes before they happen, reducing rework, change orders and time delays on projects. Immediate validation of critical project details can be made with a click of a mouse at any time from anywhere. 

  • 4D project analysis by phase (Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Drywall, Finished product)
  • Mark-up, annotate, document and drive effective communication
  • Verify completion of project milestones

Inspect and Assess

Onsite inspections can be time consuming and costly, especially when travel is required or subject experts with busy schedules are needed. Implementation of recommendations from long form text reports can also be tedious to review and implement. However, a Digital Twin enables organizations to inspect remotely and engage multiple stakeholders virtually, reducing time and cost while increasing oversight. The Digital Twin is also a great visual tool to help communicate findings and plans to address recommendations.

  • Project estimating / Collaboration among all plant functions.
  • Materials Planning
  • Code/Compliance verification

Project Management 

Managing projects can be complex and involve multiple stakeholders. Sub-contracting service providers through a tender process can be grueling and miscommunication can lead to rework, change orders, extended timelines, downtime and project overruns. The Digital Twin becomes a single source of truth to familiarize all stakeholders on the physical aspects of your facility and its remotely available at anytime.

  • Tenant Improvements and Retrofits 
  • Real-time change updates to contractors 
  • Reduction in Plant visits / Time away from the office

Asset Tracking 

Track assets for quick identification and remote troubleshooting. Review and plan prior to a onsite visits. Step back in time by peeling back walls, expose drop ceilings and X-ray through concrete slabs to expose utilities over time (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC). Geo-spatially tag name plates and provided detailed notes, annotations and mark-ups from historical work completed. By maintaining equipment regularly, you can save on large repair bills and the inconvenience of untimely breakdowns.


Existing building plans today are almost never reliable or current. This often leads to wasted time revisiting a site to confirm details or to measure. Visual Plan allow you to capture assets and inventory geo-spatially in high resolution, tagging and monitoring their condition at various stages over time for predictive maintenance, service engineering and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules. Remote planning and virtual access to the Digital Twin ensures field technicians bring the right tools and parts to the job and have the opportunity to fix the problem the first visit. When completed, leave detailed visual documentation and provide visual reports for future use.


Engineering teams are tasked with designing and implementing new processes and improvements requiring a high degree of knowledgeable of their physical spaces and assets. Given their need to manage various datasets, Visual Plan offers an excellent solution to capture As-Is Conditions with 360 video capture, but also to manage and update CAD, Blueprints, BIM and feed current information into the organizations Facility Management or Asset Management system over time. It also allows engineers to share any of this data with various stakeholders quickly and painlessly through visual reports or a web link. 

  • Recognition of facility assets
  • Collaborate with stakeholders for exact location of issues
  • Improve project scope understanding before project starts


Collaborate with various stakeholders on and off premise to get everyone on the same page. Visual reports help managers to hold teams accountable and implement reported recommendations. Simulate layouts pf the As-Is Condition overlaid to a 3D BIM design with our AR tool. Move the BIM object in the As-Is Digital Twin to ensure optimal layout of manufacturing machinery or equipment. 

  • Asset Tracking
  • Emergency Control Systems
  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Egress Simulation/Validation

Virtual Training

Teams can virtually visit multiple buildings or spaces without ever leaving the training room or web conference. Massive facilities can be covered in minutes. Videos explaining health and safety standards or procedures can be practiced virtually, away from hazardous environments and without workplace interruptions.

  • Pre-Incident Planning
  • Incident Response Training
  • Facility and Asset Orientation

Incident Response 

Collaborate with various stakeholders on and off premise to get everyone on the same page prior to an incident happening. Have your emergency plans accessible through a web link from anywhere at anytime.

  • Improved incident planning through organizational collaboration in a controlled environment
  • Real time information for better organizational decisions when incident occur
  • Decrease downtime of facilities