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Come See Us
at Booth #12079

Visual Plan will be demonstrating our 3D Digital Twins platform as an integrated customer success and security design solution at the Orion Entrance Control, Inc. booth #12079 at ISC West July 19-21, 2021.

360 photo and annotation documentation for refinery


360 Photo Scanning for Security Sensors, Occupational Sensors and Security Turnstile Installation

VISUAL PLAN & ORION: Creating Customer Success with 3D Digital Twins and Visualization Integrations for Security Design

Visual Plan is proud to be a strategic partner to Orion Entrance Control, Inc., implementing 3D Digital Twins into their customer success processes during pre-sales, design, collaboration, project management, commissioning and training of Orion SpeedGate and SpeedLane turnstiles, and the new line of Constellation Sensor products.

Customer Success with Visual Plan

Reduced Site Visits for Security System Design with 360 Photos, Digital Twins and Photogrammetry
Reduced Site Visits And Travel Time By 80% With Remote Oversight

Vancouver Area Municipalities Expand Use Of 3D Digital Twins To Save Time And Money.

360 Photos and Digital Twins for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Tank Inspections
Tank Inspections & Integrity Management With Visual Plan

Saving Time & Creating Project Certainty Through 360 Visualization & Digital Twins

360 Photos and Virtual Walkthroughs for Security System Design in Hospitals
Hospital Security System Design In 1 Site Visit

How Butchko•ESI Used Visual Plan Digital Twins On A Million Ft2 Medical Campus

360 Photos, 360 Scanning and 360 Camera Mount Captured with Remote Piloted Rover
360 Capture Innovations: Remotely Piloted Rovers For Campus Capture & Industry Applications

Building a 360° virtual walk-through of the Mohawk College campus to support safety, security and facilities management efforts.

360 Photo Scanning for Electrical Substations
Faster, Less Expensive Substation Visualization For One Of The Largest Independent Electric Providers In The US

Using the Visual Plan platform as their capture platform and data hub, the customer was able to capture comprehensive, measurable visual data of each site without the exorbitant financial and time requirements of terrestrial LIDAR data.

We'll show you how to cut Site Visits 80-90%.

Schedule a 30 minute demo today and see how Visual Plan will reduce your site visits and travel time.

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