Digital twins display of Chilliwack flooding on a farm

Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley Flood Recovery Efforts

We’re here for our community. We’re here for you.

We are local, and we have a solution to help expedite your insurance claims.

Utilizing visualization through digital twins and real-time performance analytics for improving building intelligence

As resident members of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, we have local services and expertise available to assist our community in the assessment and recovery from this week’s historic floods.

Our 360-photo capture service and 3D Visual Plan Hub can help you accurately and safely document as-is conditions of your commercial business, utility, school, facility, farm, or home, assisting with and expediting damage assessments, insurance claims, and repair sourcing and quoting. 

A small site capture can be completed and delivered starting at only $500, and can be covered by your claim. Why wait? Get the process moving now.

We are available to assist in documenting damages, annotating issues and finding using 360 imagery: delivering high-quality immersive indoor and outdoor Google Street View-like Environments. And we can deliver this same day, or next day without missing anything, ensuring 100% coverage.

The 360 Visual Plan is helpful to virtually review, assess, share and communicate as-is conditions, damage, assets condition and structures. The in-environment annotations help to support and clarify the extent of damage to ensure your claims are processed at the correct value. 

Submit a navigable, measurable virtual walkthrough of your premises to support your insurance claim. Share and discuss with restoration contractors to receive quick and accurate quotes for repair, construction and replacements. Significantly expedite claim processing time, securing funds and lock down repair schedules early. 

Safety is of utmost importance during a flooding emergency. A virtual site walkthrough provides on-demand access without the risks involved of having multiple inspectors, servicemen or contractors on site during the assessment process. If you have dangerous goods or possible contamination, we can involved a subject matter expert remotely to provide feedback on safe recovery and remediation efforts.

We have resources, workforce, technology, and the expertise to help. 

Visual Plan and our partners are dedicated to supporting our community. We are holding existing project to focus our resources on supporting these emergency efforts. Please contact us today or schedule an appointment below, and let us meet your Visual Plan and documentation needs immediately.

Safety First.

Please continue to stay safe and follow flood safety and emergency guidelines:

  1. Evacuate and get to higher ground
  2. Do not drive, wade or walk through moving water
  3. Stay informed of local and government updates.