Orion Entrance Control security turnstile installation

Visual Plan & Orion Entrance Control Form Strategic Partnership to Enhance Customer Success With 3D Digital Twins

Customer success joint strategy between Visual Plan and Orion Entrance Control, Inc enhances project certainty and creates virtual site access with 3D Digital Twins.

June 22, 2021 – Visual Plan announced a new strategic partnership with Orion Entrance Control, Inc. to implement 3D Digital Twins into their customer success processes during pre-sales, design, collaboration, project management, commissioning and training of Orion SpeedGate and SpeedLane turnstiles, sensors and new line of Constellation products. Visualization and collaboration through Visual Plan’s platform was identified as a key strategy to further enhance Orion’s current customer success protocols, ensuring future performance, compatibility and implementation of security system design across their product lines.

“For larger security system design and sensor projects, Visual Plan provides an extra layer of oversight to ensure project success with limited rework or costly site visits, saving partners and customers money, decreasing turnaround time while gaining the best outcomes for Orion’s projects,” said Visual Plan CEO Kelly Watt of the joint strategy.

As a visual data hub, Visual Plan’s SiteView platform is optimized for the level of enhanced collaboration and documentation necessary for ensuring project certainty and building customer satisfaction through comprehensive, secure and accessible site visualization. By incorporating Visual Plan 3D Digital Twins into their project management processes, Orion Entrance Control, Inc. is able to enhance their customers’ experiences with immersive, interactive, three-dimensional virtual walkthroughs of each site, as well as utilize virtual site visits and in-environment annotations to streamline design and decision making for project integrators and stakeholders.

Visual Plan’s 3D Digital Twins create a comprehensive, single-source record for 2D and 3D visual data to further project understanding, communication and collaboration across all stakeholders, resulting in unparalleled project confidence and efficient execution for applications ranging from major construction, renovation or redesign projects to ongoing asset maintenance and facilities management. Visual Plan is more than a software platform; we are a service provider committed to providing visualization solutions and enhancing customer experiences for our partners and end users. 

Visual Plan will be demonstrating our 3D Digital Twins platform as an integrated customer success and security design solution at the Orion Entrance Control, Inc. booth #12079 at ISC West July 19-21, 2021.

Orion Entrance Control, Inc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art access control technology including security SpeedGate and SpeedLane turnstile products and software. The company continues to provide customers with ultimate cross-compatibility of its premium core technology and products.