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     Why Visual Plan

Besides being easier and more cost-effective than traditional methods used to measure and map facilities, Visual Plan gives you the ability to create your own fully inclusive security plan and facility management resource center using a virtual, measurable interactive model.

Service Providers and Contractors – Drive customer satisfaction to your customers by being the most knowledgeable about their facilities. Having a carbon copy Digital Twin with all collaboration notes and historical captures to compare and archived data ensures this. SiteView is a tool to increase your value and improve project success, while also creating major efficiencies and reduced costs. All while creating a new revenue stream!

Facility Managers – your job is to know your facilities intimately through ongoing change and employee turnover. But when a valuable service provider or employee leaves, often knowledge leaves with them. Safeguard this by having a Digital Twin with all past changes preserved in digital captures, archived annotations/notes and documentation.  Use the Digital Twin to onboard new employees efficiently and embed your training videos into the Digital Twin. Create efficiency and maintain your assets while juggling budgets. There is endless savings of time and cost while also improving preventative maintenance to troubleshoot early and prolonging asset operation lifespan.

Security and Safety Professionals – your goal is to identify risk, threats, safety issues, vulnerabilities and manage changes on an ongoing basis. You need to ensure compliance and uphold policy while saving costs and creating efficiency. This requires a high level of understanding of the physical space, technologies installed, design and many other factors on an ongoing basis. A Digital Twin offers you 360-Situational Awareness to observe, inspect, assess, report and make good decisions. More than this, a Digital Twin helps you efficiently communicate needs to management and owners on what you have found, why its important and how you would like to address change through mitigation factors. Adding visualization creates value to your operations and communications with all stakeholders in the decision, design and implementation process and also with contractors. And reduce risk to COVID-19 spread by working remotely and increasing social distancing while providing an essential visual communication with first responders. 

 What we Offer

Visual Plan is a team of facility, security and 3D professionals. Our innovative rapid capture and cloud processing software produce accurate models so various stakeholders can prepare, plan, respond, track and manage facilities remotely. Our collaboration and reporting tools offer an unparallel virtual job site management and facility management platform.

We sell, support and train on our software. We can also do the capture and processing for you and offer security consulting services.

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