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About Visual Plan

Visual Plan is a 3D software and visualization services company with a global distribution and service partner network. We train, sell and support our software applications and customers with field capture, CAD/BIM and consulting services. Our solution leverages off the shelf 360° camera hardware with a near zero capX model and easy to use, do it yourself software to rapidly capture 360° video and images to process measurable as-built models called “digital twins”.

 What we Offer

Visual Plan is a team of facility, security and 3D professionals. Our innovative rapid capture and cloud processing software produce accurate models so various stakeholders can prepare, plan, respond, track and manage facilities remotely. Our collaboration and reporting tools offer an unparalleled virtual job site management and facility management platform.

We sell, support and train on our software. We can also do the capture and processing for you and offer security consulting services.

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