Office space of large facility

How can Visualization help Facility Managers?

Controlling Costs & Time

Existing building plans today are almost never reliable or current. This often leads to wasted time revisiting a site to confirm details or to measure. It can also result in ordering the wrong supplies, designs not matching spaces and additional project costs or wasted supplies. Keeping an accurate and current plan, hosted in one platform can ensure crystal clear communication and direction for flawless project execution, time and cost savings.

Coordinating Teams and Resources

Visual Plan allows the Facility Manager to be the problem solver, even when not in the room. This is critically important with technical installations, optimizing operation, performance and use of assets. People are also important assets Facility Managers must manage efficiently, especially when managing large properties or multiple buildings in various locations. Visual Plan becomes the virtual window into each building without having to step in the door.

Preventative Maintenance & Increasing the Lifespan of Assets

Asset maintenance can be a complex process requiring continuous information flow and quick action. But by maintaining equipment regularly, you can save on large repair bills and the inconvenience of untimely breakdowns. Our software enables your team to have accurate building plans and 360° imagery at their fingertips at all times, saving time and reducing miscommunication or confusion. Annotate and mark-up visual spaces to effectively communicate remotely with team members while attaching relevant maintenance records, manuals or other important documentation.

Insurance and Claims

Having all assets properly documented with 360°imagery, detailed notes and records can be critical in assessing damage and replacement costs. Using Visual Plan for insurance documentation pre and post incident can dramatically decrease claim times and costs to travel and asses claims. The pre-incident documentation is a fantastic way to validate damage and help with investigations cause and point of origin, assess building code or fire violations and many other observations.

Typically large spaces take alot of time to capture. This video shows over 100,000/sf of measurable rooftop imagery captured in just 12-minutes.

Controlling Inventory through Visuals

Visual Plan is the perfect tool for inventory control. You can schedule photo capture annually, quarterly or monthly as needed and have a historical comparison not only of your assets, but their condition giving you a visual representation of your data. You can also use our 3D Twin Comparison to inspect wear and tear over time.

Virtual Training

Facility managers can have their teams virtually visit multiple buildings or spaces in a single afternoon without ever leaving the training room or web conference. Massive facilities can be covered in minutes. Videos explaining health and safety standards or procedures can be practiced in VR, away from hazardous environments and without production stops.