Facility Management

A Better Way to Manage Large Facilities

Facility managers have a variety of challenging responsibilities that Visual Plan can help address:

Controlling Costs & Time:

A common pressures Facility Managers face is doing more with less while maintaining accurate budgets. Visual Plan will help you to save time, reduce waste and reduce risk to assets.

Existing building plans today are almost never reliable or current. This often leads to wasted time on revisiting a site to confirm details or re-measuring. It can also result in ordering the wrong supplies, designs not matching spaces and additional projects costs and supplies. Keeping an accurate and current plan, hosted in one platform like Visual Plan, can ensure crystal clear communication and direction for flawless project execution, time and cost savings.

If you have accurate diagrams you can also upload them to Visual Plan, but the software offers a rapid, cost effective method for creating accurate 2D/3D floor plans using the Sketch Tool. As a result, contractors have accurate layout plans to ensure installations are completed on time and as designed without waste or error.

Securing Facilities: 

Visual Plan Security team provides virtual security assessments and can work with local security companies and designers to ensure the right surveillance and access controls are implemented ensuring effective implementations. Our security experts can help address threats and vulnerabilities while prioritizing asset protection to meet budget and risk requirements. By leveraging the Visual Plan software, most of this work can be done virtually at a huge cost savings. 

Visual Plan also provides visual and spatial help to operational planning, testing, inspections, business continuity planning, space allocation and ensuring optimal insurance documentation for underwriting or claims.

Coordinating Teams: 

With today’s mobile workforce, the best scenario is working with web-based applications. Visual Plan also allows the Facility Manager to be the problem solver, even when not in the room.  When reporting failures, reviewing equipment history or maintenance records, having accurate building plans and 360° imagery to reference assets and spaces can be a huge time and confusion saver and afford operational efficiency. 

Handling Failures:

 Asset maintenance can be a complex process requiring continuous information flow and quick action.  By using Visual Plan, Facility Managers can references notes, embed video or instructions, attach maintenance records and manuals directly to the 360° space so critical information is organized and at the touch of a mobile phone, tablet or computer. For those using a Facility Management software, Visual Plan URLs can be placed int the FM database for a more complete documentation of the asset or space. Facility Managers can ensure assets and equipment are maintained promptly without work stoppage over missing information or confusion. This is especially when dealing with multiple properties in different locations.

Virtual Training

With Visual Plan, facility managers, security teams and integrator’s can have their teams virtually visit multiple buildings or spaces in a single afternoon without ever leaving the training room or web conference. Massive facilities can be covered in minutes. Videos explaining health and safety standards or procedures can be practiced in VR, away from hazardous environments and without production stops. 

Develop planning scenarios, conduct detailed inspections, review lock-down or evacuation plans, more accurately, rapidly and effectively than ever before.

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