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Dynamic Security Design Through Visualization: Part 1: Lidar and Photogrammetry

Welcome to this discussion on how today’s current challenges during COVID have accelerated the use of Digital Twins, presenting new ways of conducting business. We will discuss opportunities in remote design collaboration, project management, operational efficiency, managing change and monitoring progress remotely. The power of Digital Twins has been embraced more rapidly today than ever before due to our new business normal. Visualization is the common language: Seeing is Believing.

Learn how leading companies are adopting and prospering during these tricky times. What is Generative Design and why is it important today with remote working and the need for convergence from work processes and platforms? How can you increase value to your customers through visual communication and collaboration while improving productivity, efficiency and reducing costly mistakes, rework and travel?

Learn new methods to safely deliver various CAD, BIM, Lidar, Drone and 360 Imagery to clients by removing the pain of file share.

Speakers include Kelly Watt of Visual Plan (, Sam Dougherty of AECOM ( Holcomb of Markon Solutions (, Scott McGowan of Precision Aerial (, and Kelly Stewart of Newcastle Consulting (