Kelly Watt joins Geoffrey Cann for latest episode of Digital Innovations in Oil and Gas

Visual Plan CEO and founder Kelly Watt joins the latest episode of Digital Innovations in Oil and Gass with Geoffrey Cann to discuss “How 3D Data Transforms Oil and Gas Asset Management and Reliability.”

Listen in as Kelly and Geoffrey discuss the transformation of 3D data via cloud computing and data collection tools—such as LiDAR and 360-degree cameras—to revolutionize people-based processes for the oil and gas industry for improved communication, safety, and data management.

“As humans, we communicate through visualization in a very different way than through texts and emails. It’s something we can all look through a lens and see something in 3D and understand that. Beyond that, it’s also communicating all of the rich data about what we can see as opposed to looking at tabular spreadsheets in column and rows, or reports from beginning to end. It’s challenging our brains to think differently, communicate differently, and extract information more concisely.” – Kelly Watt

For the Oil and Gas industry specifically, complexities such as spread out locations, cost of assets and high-risk conditions create a need for remote access, virtualization of data, and accurate 3D visualization from which critical decision making and knowledge management can be executed.

“We’re talking about digital twin technology—taking reality capture and BIM and physics-based engineering, to start to understand and to replicate these processes in a virtual environment before we do them in the real environment. And there’s some unbelievable cost savings here… The safest job site is the one that you don’t visit.”

Listen now:

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