Bobby Dodd Stadium at Georgia Tech

Integrating Digital Twins in Construction Education Through Hands-on Experiential Learning

Academic paper written by – Steven Kangisser, Javier Irrazary, Kelly Watt, Richard Borger and Amadeus Burger

This paper examines the value of including digital twin technology as a hands-on learning activity in a graduate-level building construction course. The methodology of teaching digital twins as a unit is presented, and the benefits of introducing this topic are examined within the framework of several learning objectives. The campus football stadium provided an opportunity for students to apply the digital twin skill to a real-life case. Feedback from the students was collected and is presented within the context of the intended goals. Evaluation of the use of digital twins in this course found that the technique was highly valuable in providing a framework for students to understand the potential offered by various technologies in visualizing a facility throughout its lifecycle. Students more easily understood how each technology best fits and how several technologies could be used in concert with one another.

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