Visual Plan Proud to be New EPRA Resource Partner In Advancing Electric Power System Safety and Reliability

Visual Plan is proud to announce our new role as a Resource Partner in advancing electric power system safety and reliability with the Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA).

Our dedication to helping facilities, operations, projects, and processes become more efficient, collaborative, and safer through 3D Digital Twins and dynamic visualization directly complements EPRA’s commitment to electrical reliability knowledge and safety.  The Visual Plan team’s extensive knowledge and expertise with integrating Digital Twins into new and existing workflows will be a critical resource for electric power reliability professionals wanting to improve knowledge retention and sharing across their organizations.

Visual Plan utilizes 360 imagery as the foundation to build a digital twin—a virtual 3D copy of an environment—in which assets, documentation, inspection results, and more can be geo-tagged and located within the walkable virtual space.  With Visual Plan’s digital twins software, SiteView, the electric power reliability world can optimize and consolidate their data, document, and asset management processes into one dynamic visual platform for enhanced collaboration, understanding, knowledge sharing across all stakeholders.

By incorporating Visual Plan’s experience and solution-oriented approach to visualization across industries into EPRA’s resource portfolio, practitioners will learn new applications for visualization within their workflows and enhance their reliability programs with digital twins technology.