Technician using Visual Plan digital twin software on a tablet

Leveraging Digital Twin Technology with Real-Time Data-Driven Processes

Pioneering critical equipment efficiency and uptimes by leveraging digital twin technology and data driven processes.

Seeing is believing: learn how gaining unbiased visual and analytical information can generate better outcomes and create operational processes. Join Resolute Building Intelligence System Integrator Steven Crowe, Visual Plan CEO and Founder Kelly Watt, and Risk Management Consultant J Kelly Stewart for a discussion on how cloud-based analytics and visualization solutions are transforming real-world, everyday building problems into real-time, actionable answers that rapidly produce quantifiable and verifiable results.

Steven Crowe
System Integrator, Resolute BI

Steve is responsible for helping customers ensure their buildings are properly integrated with Resolute’s building-performance analytics and reporting software to deliver maximum and expedited value in owning the solution. Steve also plays a key role in product development, combining his industry knowledge, direct customer feedback and day-to-day, hands-on experience using the software to drive solution improvements and future requirements. Prior to joining Resolute, Steve spent more than a decade in the construction and property management industries, most recently managing operations for several large commercial and industrial properties.
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Kelly Watt
Visual Plan, CEO & Founder

Kelly is a specialist with 3D LIDAR, photogrammetry, video imaging and analysis technologies. He is focused on providing efficient utilization of 3D visualization for critical infrastructure and campus wide implementations of Digital Twin technology.
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J Kelly Stewart,
Risk Management Consultant

Kelly has led physical security operations for both CACI and Deloitte and served a distinguished tenure with the United States Secret Service. His consulting practice focuses on providing proactive, predictive, and responsive advice and access to information critical in building a companies’ resilience to operational risk.
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