Intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing: Prevention and Planning Through Visualization

The power of intelligence stems from vast diversity, not from any single perfect principal. Organizations benefit greatly from independent functional experts collaborating while validating from 3D Digital Twin Technologies. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on how Digital Twin Technology can accelerate good decision making and team collaboration. Have all stakeholders critically review accurate visual data as if they were onsite. The process allows various perspectives to be considered through critical thinking, which often leads to better decisions and outcomes for the organization. This is especially true with maintaining and upholding compliance, planning or preparing for inspections. With the risk to warning letters, injunctions, seizures or shutdown during audits, the Digital Twin can prove invaluable.

Panel speakers include Kelly Watt of Visual Plan (, Jag Shelkay of IOT Analytics (, Bhavesh Patel of Sanofi ( and Kelly Stewart of Newcastle Consulting ( Originally presented October 14, 2020.