Visual Plan 32-HDR PhotoGRAMMETRY Reality Capture Services

32-HDR Photogrammetry for High-Def Visualization in the Dark

We’ll capture your site in unparalleled 360-degree resolution—giving you critical visibility, no matter the lighting conditions.

See every detail in the Dark.

When resolution and quality are critical for inspections, or
when dark or challenging environments become obstacles, Visual Plan will deploy a specialized process with high end camera systems to generate spectacular results with Smart 360 and 32-HDR 
Photogrammetry. With high def resolution you can see the details, monitor defects, and communicate the most intricate issues to teams for remediation or asset management needs.

High Level of Detail

With 32-HDR photogrammetry, you get navigable photo visualization with an unmatched level of detail, including night, heavily shadowed, and bright environments.

monitor and compare

Intelligently collect visualization information for timeline compare and support the management of change process through the asset lifecycle. Accurately address issues, approve work, and quickly verify completion.

actionable visual data

We can connect the 32-HDR 360 tours with GIS, BIM, CAD drawings, and even 3D Lidar point clouds. Ensure you have the required data to quickly navigate, analyze, plan, and act and accurate data.

Is 32-HDR photogrammetry right for you?

Gain 360 visual insights in high resolution to better manage facilities and operations. With our 32-HDR photogrammetry capture services, Visual Plan delivers comprehensive visual intelligence about assets to better understand your business lifecycle, operationalize knowledge, and improve resiliency. Best of all, we have the equipment, expertise and application knowledge to make every reality capture project a success. All you have to do is tell us where to go.