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5th Annual International Educational Conference

Visual Plan security expert, and former US Secret Service Agent Clarence Jorif  will be presenting
Visual Assessments of High Risk Assests at the IAFSM  Wed, Dec. 12 at 2:30.
Clarence will discuss a holistic approach to risk assessment in today’s world of Active Shooter threats. Planning and facilitating risk assessments is more than installing access control and security surveillance. An effective plan starts by forming a process to conduct the assessment, listing assets and their risk value, identifying threats, evaluation vulnerabilities and recommending countermeasures to meet these concerns while implement all of this into your business process. Having effective 360 or 3D visual documentation can help significantly through the assessment process.
We will be showing how Visual Plan is used in many of these parts of the assessment process giving the assessor a much more specific and detailed account to consider in prescribing counter measures.
On Monday, we will be documenting a mock crime scene and showing how quickly the process is completed when compared to lidar based solutions. Helen will be completing the photography on site so feel free to comment or ask questions if you see her onsite.
Kelly Watt
CEO & Founder | Visual Plan