Why Digital Twins: VisualizationTechnology For Facility Management​​

Current facility projects are full of challenges for all users. But taking a visual-led approach at every stage of the design-build-operate-maintain model helps users break down silos and enhance coordination and collaboration. All this is powered by Digital Twins that mirror the physical environment and open up the facility for visual inspection. 

With Digital Twins, operators can:


Dive back and see how the project looked like at a different point in time.​


Compare changes in the facility at various stages.​


Convey information and describe concerns for future reference.​

Digital Twins Provides A Visual Skeleton Key.​

Every aspect of facility management relies heavily on data recorded during the design and construction stages. This data is essential because it informs different aspects of building operation and maintenance.

Traditionally, this facility data is rendered through the Building Information Model (BIM) or Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) models. But applying these technologies lacks the 360° perspective.

Using a Digital Twin 3D Carbon Copy allows you to generate immersive digital replicas that can be fed into BIM or CAFM and enables you to get a complete view over the physical assets, processes, people, places, systems, and devices for various purposes. With Visual Plan, project documentation has never been faster, or easier. Besides, you can capture the imagery, project details with one click: requests for information (RFIs), issues, asset tags, and notes. These features allow new employees to virtually visit a space and really understand how it looks like, opening up critical facility knowledge in no time and with minimum effort.

  • Reduce site visits by ‘walking virtually’
  • Increase productivity
  • Expedite turnaround time
  • Track progress & prevent disputes
  • Reduce rework, mistakes and extra costs
  • Enhance collaboration with secure sharing & access

Benefits beyond Engineering, Construction and Design

Safety, security and operations are everyone’s responsibility: Digital Twins can positively impact everyone from the CEO to the line worker.

Service Providers & Contractors

Why do loss-making contracts still happen? It’s the data. More precisely, the lack of data.

When you know a facility inside out, you can bring value to your customers. Working with a carbon copy Digital Twin helps you deliver better business outcomes and happier customers. The collaboration notes and historical captures allow you to access previous site knowledge, thus creating new efficiencies and reduced costs. Improved project success is here.

Facility Managers

How can you ensure knowledge transfer when dealing with high employee turnover? 

On any given day, you might have to deal with employee relocations, furniture repairs, furniture adjustments, or IT moves. Additions and changes are constant. You need a solid resource to keep the knowledge within your facility. A Digital Twin preserves all past changes with digital captures, archived annotations/notes, and documentation. Budgeting, onboarding employees, or preventative maintenance just got easier.

Security & Safety Professionals

When you lack proper visualization, how can you mitigate threats, risks, and vulnerabilities

Any cost-effective policy or compliance initiative requires a thorough understanding of the physical space and the technology installed on an ongoing basis. A Digital Twin lets you gain 360-degree situational awareness to observe, inspect, assess, report, and identify potential vulnerabilities. You make good decisions and communicate additional changes efficiently to owners and managers. In short: better communication, informed decisions, more value.

First Responders

What’s the fastest way to respond to incidents and save lives? Having accurate information.

Outdated 2D diagrams or undocumented changes to buildings impede Incident Commanders from containing hazardous situations. Working with accurate 2D/3D visual floor plans helps save lives and prevents further damage. Knowing the location of fire protection systems, the height of windows, the presence of hazardous materials, or the closest water supply makes a difference and also simplifies consequent investigations.

Legal Documentation

  • Mobile access to critical information. The result? En-route planning and faster response time.
  • Walk the jury through a scene — virtually. The result? Convincing demonstrative exhibits at a low cost.