The Value of Investing in Digital Twins & SiteView

How do I calculate ROI from Investing in a Digital Twin and SiteView?

Reduce site visits, travel, time, rework and tracking progress effectively are just a few ways. Just think every time you require building information immediately and what it takes you today to retrieve that information. This could include chasing pipes, electrical, HVAC systems or opening walls to see whats behind them. Having a Digital Twin insures you immidiate access to all critical building infomration without rolling our outdated blueprints and trouble shooting onsite.  

How does a Digital Twin help with retention of knowledge?

Critical building information can be stored in the Digital Twin and visually located. Annotations, maintenance information, notes and historical information can be referenced directly on the asset, or take a deep link and reference the Digital Twin directly in your facility or asset management software, or whatever database program you may be using. Don't have a database? No problem, the SiteView software can provide a simple way to manage your documents from the Digital Twin. Ensure intelligence and knowledge does not leave when your personnel does. 

How can asset maintenance improve with Digital Twins?

A picture is worth a 1000 words. So a 3D Digital Twin must be worth much more right? Right! Having visuals of your critical assets captured over time is great. The Digital Twin can quickly be accessed and compared with previous captures at any time. This is a great way to review if assets are being proper maintained or if further work is required. Furthermore, oversight and review can become standard as quality standards are improved. Accurate visual records in the Digital Twin can also help with forecasting asset replacements in your capital improvement plans. Proper maintenance is critical to operating efficiently, reduced downtime and costly repairs. Local, low cost team members or a local service company can be used to maintain the Digital Twin so high value team members can work remotely and efficiently.

How can Digital Twins help with training facility teams, contractors and service providers?

Many stakeholders require information about facilities to do their job and keep people safe. This group of people is always changing and so are the facilities they are responsible for and need access too. So how can everyone keep track of all the change, inspections, assessments, reports and and re-learning? The answer is, its very difficult today and requires a lot of back and forth communication, sharing of PDF files and outdated CAD. As a result, many site visits and communication are required to confirm aspects of each persons job or responsibility.

But is there a better way?

Having a complete Digital Twin and historical captures of building changes becomes invaluable when sharing critical information as it can be done quickly without travel, meetings or extra project costs. With a weblink, user name and password, facility managers can train new staff covering huge spaces and multiple buildings in a single afternoon. Show what's in locked cabinets or high risk utility rooms and locate exactly the right lever or panel to change a fuse or filter.  

System integrators and contractors who have never entered the facility can quote a project with confidence, take measurements and ensure they have the right tools and supplies for the job. This reduces your reliance on specific venders who know your building well and helps reduce time, travel and waste on supplies or revisits.  

How can Digital Twins help with training security, emergency teams and first responders?

First responders almost never get the opportunity to be onsite before a critical incident happens today, and if so, just a few from a department of many who are responsible to respond. Having access to the Digital Twins allows departments to virtually visit and become intimately knowledgeable. Allows responders to conduct pre-incident planning, to locate and identify areas where hazardous materials are stored at the facility. To locate emergency equipment, fire suppression systems, sprinkler shut off or water tie in, power and gas shut off. To know the height to a specific window to confirm ladder reach. Or if in an attack line is long enough to reach the fire and distance to water supply. 

How do Digital Twins help with collaboration?

Quick changes, confirming RFIs, identifying issues and communication on design, change, project management or asset maintenance are all improved when you can get all stakeholders on the "same page", or in our terms, on the same "Digital Twin". SiteView offers an easy to use and robust collaboration platform from where a Digital Twin provides visual confirmation, basic measurement, orientation and historical comparisons. SiteView affords an intuitive platform for connectivity where these visual assets, CAD, BIM, annotations and other communication can be centralized in one place and accessed with a web access and a login. Real time access to verify and track progress leads to fewer mistakes, rework and reduced project costs. 

How do Digital Twins help when Communicating Value?

Again, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Service providers and system integrators can show a high degree of value to customers through detailed documentation and ease of access to building information. Avoid finger pointing as project history is tracked visually through the project stages. Facility managers increase their operational and efficiency value to their teams and owners through concise effective communication. Digital Twins offer a digital transformation of operations, CAD, collaboration and reporting.

How do Digital Twins help with risk reduction, hazards, job safety analysis?

Digital Twins offer an effective way to review, inspect, assess, identify and address vulnerabilities to reduce overall risk. The visualization can be used to locate and identify areas where hazardous materials are stored at the facility. To locate emergency equipment, fire suppression systems, sprinkler shut off or water tie in, power and gas shut off. To identify dangerous business practices, enforce safety codes (if captures are done frequently) and uphold quality and standards audits. The Digital Twin offers an effective way for subject matter experts to provide remote consulting cost effectively and large corporations to have oversight and provide feedback on their buildings weather on-campus, out of state or international. 

Site inspections, audits or facility visits to high risk countries or during high risk situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic can be reduced or eliminated to further reduce business risk overall.

How do Digital Twins aid security, public safety and incident response?

The Digital Twin is an effective way to communicate critical building information among first responders, security, inspectors and safety teams. Virtual pre-Incident planning, code enforcement, CPTED, risk assessment and job safety analysis can all be aided by visualization. For live incident response, Digital Twins provide forward intelligence for dispatch, fire, EMS, incident command and SWAT.

Furniture and floor layout can also become critical during response to an incident. And environment, health and safety standards are a big challenge for first responders at risk to dangerous environments. For first responders, critical seconds can mean life and death.

How does a Digital Twin help with Building Access?

Critical building information is available from any mobile device, at any time from anywhere to key stakeholders and first responders.

How can creating an maintaining a Digital Twin be Affordable?

Yes. When most people think about Digital Twins, they think high cost BIM, 3D Laser Scanning, complex and expensive projects that take many specialized people alot of time. This type of documentation is critical to the design and build stages of new construction and precision design. However, there is a more cost effective way to create, manage and maintain Digital Twins for the own, operate and maintain stages of a building life-cycle as the requirement for precise measurement is much less important and visual representation and location of assets is more important to numerous stakeholders and as facilities change. 

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